NDU Islamabad: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About It

NDU Islamabad: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About It

NDU Islamabad

The National Defence University (NDU) is one of the leading universities of the country. It is regarded as one of the oldest and most prestigious military and public institution in Pakistan. Originally established in 1970, NDU Islamabad was granted the status of a university in 2007 and became ‘National Defence University’ under the joint efforts of the Ministry of Defence and the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Mostly known to enrol military personnel, the National Defence University also takes students from the public sector. NDU has maintained its prestige in Pakistan over the course of years, as an institution of higher military studies and International Relations.


NDU is located in the capital city of Islamabad in the E-9 sector. The lush green campus has a library, training facilities and an auditorium. NDU is equipped with a departmental store and a state-of-the-art sports complex in its vicinity.


National Defence University includes the Faulty of Contemporary Studies (FCS) and the Faculty of Security Studies (FSS).  The Institute for Strategic Studies, Research and Analysis (ISSRA) acts as the nervous centre of NDU and is regarded as the leading think-tanks of the country. Other colleges under NDU includes: Command and Staff College, Air War College and the Naval War College.

Degree Programs /Courses:

The FCS at NDU currently offers Bachelor’s, M.Phil., MS-PM and PhD degree programmes in Leadership and Management Studies (LMS), International Relations (IR), Government and Public Policy (GPP), Strategic Studies (SS) and Peace and Conflict Studies (PCS). Other courses offered at NDU includes: National Security and War course, National Security workshop, National Media Workshop at FCS just to name a few. 


The National Defence University is affiliated with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and multiple international military institutions around the world. Numerous foreign cadets have received trainings at NDU.

Fee and Financial Aid / Scholarship:

The fee at NDU starts at around 473,000/Pkr and goes till 286,000/Pkr for its PhD programmes. NDU offers a range of financial aids and scholarships to deserving students in collaboration with different foundations. 

Student Facilities:

With a medical unit that operates 24/7, students can count on having a good emergency service on the campus.  The departmental store has a wide range of snacks and other daily supplies for students. The library at NDU encompasses a range of books, journals and research papers with a special study place for their students. The varsity has a squash complex, tennis court, children sports complex, football, jogging and a cricket ground.

Famous People:

Pervez Musharaf (Former President), Jehangir Karamat (Diplomat), Syed Mohammad Inamullahh (Former Ambassador), Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, (Former Army Chief ), Fauzia Wahab ( Politician ), Abdul Qadir Baloch (Politician).

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