NED to complete 100 year academic journey by this year: Prof Lodi


“The State Bank of Pakistan will issue 50 thousand commemorative coins to mark the 100 year academic journey of the NED University of Engineering and Technology (NEDUET) on 1st July 2021. However, owing to the ongoing wave of the Covid-19, the NEDUET might have to postpone the 100-year celebration”, says Dr Lodi, in an exclusive interview with The Academia Magazine.

The NEDUET Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. Sarosh Hashmat Lodi asserts that the NED alumni and teachers gathered in 2019 on-campus to plan the celebration of the varsity’s 100 year academic journey. During the meeting, it was decided that faculty members and alumni would collect donations as well as concerned authorities would be contacted to make this historic occasion memorable.

Prof Lodi informs that earlier this year, the varsity approached the federal secretary of science and technology requesting him to assist the varsity in issuing commemorative coins on the completion of 100-year of NED.

“The secretary forwarded our application to the Pakistan Mint Lahore. Later, the concerned official asked the administration of NED for a final design of the coin.  After sending the final design the federal cabinet approved that the State Bank of Pakistan would issue 50 thousand commemorative coins on July 1, 2021”., he further states.

Prof Lodi also mentions that the varsity is in contact with Pakistan Post so that a commemorative postage stamp could be printed to mark the 100 years of NED. “We have received a very positive response from the officials of the Pakistan Post. We have already sent our final design to the officials concerned for approval. It is expected that Pakistan Post will approve the postage”, he adds.

According to Prof Lodi, they haven’t yet mentioned the value of the postage and the date of issuance. “It is a polished design. The Government of Pakistan will decide the value of the postage. I think it will be Rs. 20”, he expresses.

NED 100 year journey

Expressing his concerns about the current wave of Covid-19, Prof Lodi says: “It seems that we won’t be able to celebrate this historic of NEDUET. However, if the situation improves, we would hold a 100-year celebration of the varsity in December 2021”

Speaking about academic activities, he says that NEDUET has shifted to classes online. “The varsity is conducting regular online classes. However, the fact is that the quality of teaching has been comprised.”, he claims.

According to Prof Lodi, the NEDUET had started its academic journey from training a group of students as civil engineers for the construction of Sukkur Barrage. In 2021, when the Prince of Wales visited Karachi on behalf of his father King George V, the foundation of the college was also laid.

Initially, the college was named as Wales the Prince Engineering College to mark the visit. By August 29, 1921, the college enrolled around 50 students and meanwhile applied for affiliation with Bombay University.

Bombay University rejected the application on grounds of insufficient funding and lack of facilities. But, Puribai, Becharbai Trust, Vishandas Fatehchand Brothers and Nadirshaw Edulji Dinshaw contributed huge donations to construct a new building for the college.

Later on, the Prince of Wales Engineering College was renamed in memory of Nadirshaw Edulji Dinshaw (NED), the eldest son of the college building’s landowner and philanthropist, Seth Edulji Dinshaw for his hefty amount of donation to the college’s fund. Finally, Bombay University provisionally awarded affiliation to the college on May 23, 1923. After the partition, the college was affiliated with the University of Karachi in 1951.

In 1964, the college administration made a plan to shift the college from Strachan Road, which is a congested downtown area of Karachi, to its present location, adjoining the KU. In 1975, NED College was moved to the new campus. The old campus is now a protected heritage site. On March 1, 1977, the Sindh government through NED University of Engineering and Technology Act promoted the college to a university. Since then, the varsity has been producing engineers who play their role in the development of the country.

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    Syed Muhammad Arif

    Congratulations to all NED graduates on this momentous occasion of 100 years of Excellence !

    MABROOK ! X 100,000,000,0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    June 8, 2022

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