A class is all about listening to a lecture and taking notes, right? That is a huge misconception that students have before they get to high school. If you still think like that, you might have not taken an actual class yet. In a class, there is a lot going on other than just taking lecture and noting it down. 

It is a lot more fun than that. Who can take hours-long classes just listening to the lecture, right? So, students find their entertainment during the class when time seems to be stopped. Some tend to draw and some find ways of communicating with friends. Here are some activities that are going on in every class during a lecture.

Writing on papers to talk to friends

When the lecture has taken more than thirty minutes, even the smartest of students start feeling exhausted. Writing on paper and telling friends how they are feeling is the best thing they can do. If you have never seen it happening in your class, sit with backbenchers sometime.  

Sneaking out food 

Who can sit in a class of one and a half hours without food? You will need energy when you are tired of listening. But what about the professor who is speaking in the class? Well, ordering water or tea is so easy for them. So, students make their own arrangements. Bringing chips to the class is easy but opening them without making noise is the real challenge.   

Making sketches on the notebook 

Notebooks are for making notes. Apparently, every student is doing that until they are swayed away by their thoughts and start making sketches on paper. Everyone draws according to their skills, thoughts, and creativity. But in the end, when you look at them, they are such pieces of art that you can never really understand them. 

Trying to tell your friend the answer to the question the teacher just asked

When the teacher asks a question randomly to see how attentive a student is, the real test is for the friends of that student. They will make every effort to tell them the answer either by giving gestures, showing signs, or writing on paper. If the odds are not with them, they get caught and are at the mercy of the teacher.  

Asking questions just to pass time

Some students, who do not mind sounding foolish in the class, ask questions to kill time. They will literally ask anything and sometimes it makes no sense. But it is a fun moment for the rest of the class. They enjoy in both cases, when the teacher is trapped and tries to answer and when the teacher traps that student.  

Writing songs on the chair

When there is nothing else to do, writing songs on chairs is still the activity left for students. This is usually famous for girls. Boys mostly rely on writing names at the back of the chairs. What is your favorite song to write on the chair when you are done taking a lecture?  

Making art with paper

The real artists come out during a long and boring lecture. Doing art with papers is such a creative thing that students do in a class. Some make so-called planes, some will shape paper into a boat, some will literally make a frog, and others will just roll the paper and throw it at someone else.  

Planning to request the teacher to cut short the class

This is the hidden planning that happens in the class. When a point is reached where everyone starts feeling exhausted, a movement starts in class where students request each other to ask the teacher to cut short the class. This is such a miserable time for students and the one who dares to ask the teacher is the real hero. 

Pretending to take notes on the phone

The best trick to kill time during a class is to pretend to take notes on the phone. Start taking notes on the phone and then when the class is half passed and the teacher is paying less attention, do anything on your device. Yes, many students do this to trick their teachers. If you want to try it, make sure you have the notes tab at the quick access. Also, this is a risky task so you are responsible for the outcomes. Good luck with the next two-hour class. 

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