Nine famous alumni from NCA

Nine famous alumni from NCA

famous alumni from NCA

The National College of Arts (NCA) is one of the oldest art institutes of the subcontinent. It has been producing world-famous artists and intellectuals since the 19th century. Here are some of the famous alumni from NCA who have earned fame through their unmatchable skills after graduating from this prestigious institute.  

Salima Hashmi 

The eldest daughter of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, carrying the legacy of her father forward, has given a lot to this country. Her work both in art and activism has influenced and inspired many young minds. She has also worked as a professor and dean at NCA. She is a renowned painter who takes inspiration from cultural traditions and nature. Her activism against nuclear weapons in Pakistan and India has brought forward a narrative of peace in both countries. A graduate of NCA, she has received a Pride of Performance award for her significant contributions to art and literature.   

Meesha Shafi 

Who is not aware of the melodious Meesha Shafi? She is a multi-talented woman who has made her name in singing, acting, and modeling. Now a Canadian citizen, Meesha has performed in the most famous Pakistani films. This includes Waar and Reluctant Fundamentalist. She also received the Best supporting actress award for performing in Waar. Moreover, her career in Coke Studio has earned her a huge reputation. 

Sheherzade Alam

Known for her skillful ceramic art, Sheherzade Alam is a potter who spellbinds the viewers with her pottery and art on in. She has done Bachelor of Fine Art with Ceramics from the National College of Arts. She has worked in different countries of the world and has inspired people with her amazing art. Pakistan is proud of its services.  

Muhammad Ali Talpur

Talpur is the only artist of his kind in Pakistan. Recognized for his minimalist art, he has a unique way of presenting art and giving it depth. He got his bachelor’s in fine art from the National College of Art in 1998. Having presented his work at various galleries and exhibitions all around the world, he remains one of the most influential artists who tries to explain the meaning of life through minimal art. 

Jawad Bashir

Jawad Bashir is a unique and talented director who is also an actor and singer. He introduced comedy to the Pakistani drama and film industry. He is a graduate of NCA and started shooting his shows at the same place. His notable works include the movies, Maya and Teri meri love story, and dramas, Teen bata teen, Wrong number, and Kamal house. 

Ammar Aziz

A former left-wing activist with outstanding achievements in a short span of time, Ammar Aziz is one of the biggest names in documentary filmmaking all around the world. His first feature film, A Walnut Tree, premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), which is the most prestigious international documentary festival. He has won awards such FIPRESCI and has been invited to screen his films in over 70 countries. He picks ideas from the grassroots and presents them in his films in such an influential way that no one ever has in the country. He’s also a leading Pakistani English poet with publications in several global anthologies and literary journals. NCA holds the honor of having him as its alumnus.

Abdur Rahman Chughtai 

This is the artist who had fans like Pablo Picasso and Allama Iqbal along with being the most renowned representative of the country after separation. He received his degree from NCA in 1911 when it was called Mayo School of Arts. he was an intellectual, writer, and painter whose work reflected the art of Islamic and Mughal traditions. He also has the honor of being the first famous artist from the Muslim world. Along with many other honors, he received a Pride of Performance Award in 1958 for his undeniable achievements in art.

Hasnat Mehmood

Hasnat Mehmood is an artist who has introduced new dimensions to miniature art. He is a radical artist who works his way despite the criticism from others. He has evolved the traditional practices of miniature art, thus bringing in diversity. His paintings have earned praise in many solo and group exhibitions. Currently, he is working in Dubai sticking to his evolved miniature ideas.         

Jamil Naqsh

Naqsh is another miniature artist who mostly earned fame through paintings of women and pigeons. His work often carried sensual meanings that attracted many people, including artists. Though he did not get a degree, he was trained by NCA in miniature art. His paintings are famous for being sold at a high price.

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