In Pakistani institutes, students generally have a distance from teachers. They don’t get to express their feelings about their method of teaching or anything with them. So, the things they don’t express in front of them are said in rather funny ways behind them. For instance, if your teacher is boring, you cannot tell them to change their ways of teaching to make it a little interesting. So, you will pray, that they are absent, behind them. There are many other things too that students cannot say in front of teachers and they enjoy saying them behind their back. Here are a few of those things that you must have said about your teacher.  

May they get sick and not come to the class

When you don’t want to attend the class of a teacher, you pray that they might get sick and are not able to attend the class. Every class has done this thing that they can never say in front of the teacher. How many times did you pray about your teacher’s absence? If it is not about getting them sick, it would be about something else. But everyone has done it at least once in their life.    

I wish they forget about the quiz 

How many times has it happened to you that you did not prepare the quiz that was given by your teacher? What do you do in such a situation? Some start studying at the last moment and some start thinking about how they can cheat. There is another category that relies on praying that the teacher might not show up or forget about the quiz. 

I think they had a fight in their home 

The teachers don’t have the same kind of mood always. Some days, they are so happy that they would scold anyone for anything in the class. Other days, they are in such a bad mood that they would censure everyone no matter what. When they leave the class, the students start talking about their temper and identify the reason behind their madness. Most of them would say they had a fight in their home that’s why they were so mad at everyone.  

May our teacher be in a happy mood today

Everyone wants their teacher to be in a happy mood. Why would anyone wish to be scolded for nothing? But there are few days when students particularly wish for their teachers to be in a good mood. This happens usually when you have a test or the teacher is your supervisor and you have a meeting with them.

Her hair was looking so nice, did you see?

Praising a teacher in such detail can only be done behind their back. You can tell your teacher that they look great in front of them. But when it comes to doing detailed discussions about their dresses or hair, that can only be done when they are gone.    

If they can have tea in the class, why cannot we? 

Teachers will ask for tea and snacks in the class where students are trying to sneak some food. But can you say this to them? Never. So, students will gossip about it when the class is over or whenever they get a chance.  

I have a crush on them

If you have a crush on your teacher, just tell them. Of course, I am kidding. This can be your last day in your institute. Also, the fun of having a crush on a teacher is not about telling them but discussing it with friends behind them.    

I wish this is the last semester they are teaching us

The teachers that are the least favorite of everyone get such comments from students behind their back. They don’t want to see them in any other semester because of these teachers’ strict behaviors or tough exam criteria. What is the teacher that you don’t want to have in the next semester?  

I wish they don’t make the exam  

The teachers that you know will make tough exams just to challenge their students are the least favorite. Have you ever prayed that may their assistant instead of them makes the exam this time? You might be at an advantage if this comes true.


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