Nine things you should consider before choosing to study law


‘Law is the profession of lords,’ this is what people say about this prestigious field. Many students want to study this subject but very few of you can actually get through the challenges that this profession offers. If you want to know whether you should study law or not, the following things will help you decide. 

You should have a temperament of studying 

Law in Pakistan is considered a degree that you can pass without having to study much. Well, that might be true. But passing a degree is not all you need, right? You will have to study during exams, to appear in tests after your degree, and also to practice law. So, having a temperament of studying is a must.  

You will have to study for your whole life 

Having a temperament of studying for a few years is not enough. If you are choosing law, know that you have chosen to study for the whole of your life. You will have to work hard for every case that you get as a lawyer. Not just that, you will have to do all the homework of preparing reports before appearing in court. So, you have to be ready to study for the whole of your life.  

Strong writing and speaking skills

Law is not just about preparing a case. The struggle starts after you have prepared a case when you have to convince the judge of your arguments or facts. Being a lawyer is about being highly accurate and precise in both your writing and speaking. You will need writing skills in legal drafting and preparing cases. Likewise, you will have to use your speaking skills when presenting a case. 

You should have an alternative source of income 

The law graduates suggest that if you want to practice in the field, it is better to have an alternative source of income in the beginning. It will take you quite a while until you start making good money. But not to get disappointed in the beginning, have a side source. 

Be patient for a few years after degree

As mentioned above, you might start earning soon after your degree but it is not going to be a fixed amount. You will have to show patience for a few years (some say at least five years) after your degree to become a good lawyer. There is no denying the fact that you will start earning really good once you are an established lawyer. But until then, there will be more work and less money. 

You are going to be a part of a tough and challenging system

Practicing law in Pakistan is not like abroad. It is a challenging system here. There is a poor infrastructure of courts, no chambers for lawyers (sometimes you have to make your private office to start), and no cases until you have a face value. So, you will have to pass through all of this to become a lawyer. 

You should know how to socialize 

You have to have good socializing skills in order to be a successful lawyer. Practicing law is a lot about making links with other people. You get to know other lawyers and people from the community of law. Once you are a recognized face, you start getting cases for your practice. 

There is a difference between theory and practice

Studying law is different than practicing it. You might find everything so perfect when you are studying but they turn out to be entirely different when you are practicing. For instance, a case that has to be ended maximum in a month might get six months. In short, the field is different and it takes time to adjust to it.  

Either you can do public sector administrative jobs or practice somewhere 

Before choosing law as your field of study, you should consider all the career opportunities before you. Either you can do some administrative jobs (passing exams like CSS, PMS, PPSC, or FPSC) in the public sector or practice law. In both cases, you will have to work really hard but the reward is big. So, what do you think? Are you ready to take the challenges? Because if you are, you should definitely select this profession of nobles. Good luck!

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