What is PPSC Exam? Things you should know

What is PPSC Exam? Things you should know

What is PPSC Exam?

What is PPSC Exam? Things you should know

Punjab Public Service Commission Exams are a quick and easy way to get into the service at some prestigious institutes of Pakistan. However, most candidates do not know much about these exams. So, they end up getting disappointed and start looking for other options. If you want to clear a PPSC exam, you can do it only by following proper guidelines. Here is What is PPSC Exam? Things you should know before appearing in them.  

It is more like a memory test 

A PPSC test is not something that you have to clear using your logical skills. Instead, it is about testing your memory. You prepare a lot of MCQs and then you have to check for how long you can memorize them. Moreover, you have to memorize some facts and dates from history. How well you can memorize it is what these exams are about.  

The test can be unpredictable 

You can never tell what type of questions you will have in the test. It can have a maximum of the questions that you know nothing about or all of the questions that you have already prepared. PPSC tests are never predictable. 

It is not all about current affairs and general knowledge

People usually take PPSC tests as something about general knowledge and current affairs. Well, they are important parts of the exam but that is not all about it. You have to prepare English, Mathematics, Computer, Islamic Studies, and some subjects based upon the instructions. Sometimes, they ask really difficult vocabulary that you have no clue of. So, if you want to pass the exams, make sure you have a grip on the basics of these subjects and your vocabulary.   

Preparing it in a month is not enough time 

There is this misconception about PPSC exams that you can prepare for them in a month. Well, if someone could clear it by preparing it just in a month, it is more about their luck. You do not have to try it on yourself. The last month of the preparation can be the main time period but that is not all. You have to start preparing well before the exam and give every subject a considerable time. If you are appearing in the exam with the intention of passing it, the one-month preparation technique is not for you. 

You have to prepare MCQs widely 

As mentioned above, you cannot stay confined to one or two subjects merely. Instead, you have to prepare MCQs widely from different sources. First, you have to prepare the bases of every subject like Computer, Mathematics, English, etc. Then, the past papers and other MCQs will give you an idea about the exam. Prepare as much as you can. 

Preparing for these tests should get into your lifestyle

Some successful PPSC candidates who are now serving at different positions say that PPSC exams preparation is more like a lifestyle. You have to prepare for them from the very beginning of your degree. Look at different facts, be interested in knowing about Pakistan history, increase your knowledge of English and its vocabulary, understand the basic operation of the computer, etc. and start doing all these things as soon as you know you have to appear in a PPSC exam.

It is a transparent institute 

Some people accuse PPSC of being a corrupt institute. This is due to the scandals about PPSC in the past tests. Well, that does not make it a corrupt institute. It has always maintained its standards of transparency and fairness. So, never get discouraged by listening to such comments about this institute. You are going to be judged only based on merit. 

PPSC is an efficient institute that completes its procedure relatively on time 

Another thing that you should know about PPSC is its efficient working system. Unlike some other testing services in Pakistan, this institute completes its procedure well on time. That is the reason, people who come through PPSC exams start serving very soon after passing the test. 

Consistent studying on a daily basis is the right way to prepare 

To give the last word about preparing for PPSC exams, I will say you must be consistent in studying. Spend at least two to three hours preparing MCQs, memorizing facts, and solving them repetitively. This is what is considered the right way to prepare for these exams.

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