Procrastination is a trend nowadays. It is something that students are sick of, but still, they cannot get rid of it. Talk to any student during the exam days, and they will tell how hard it was to prepare on the last night. With each passing day, the number of procrastinators is increasing. You can say every student in the class is a procrastinator at some level. You don’t believe it? Talk to the student who got the highest marks in previous exams and then to the one who got low or average marks. You will find their patterns of studying problematic, at least at some stage. Well, there are different excuses or traits that procrastinators have. Some blame the environment that does not let them concentrate, and some are satisfied because they still have the last night. Overall, here are a few most common excuses for procrastinating students. 

I will start studying tomorrow 

The tomorrow that never comes. This is the most common justification that students give to themselves at the time when they should be studying. It gives them all the satisfaction and hope that they will ace the syllabus once they start studying but that cannot be ‘now.’ Remember that this is the kind of excuse that will take you to the last day before exams and you will not even have touched your books by then.

Just one more episode and I will stop watching Netflix 

Netflix is in trend and so is procrastination. There is quite a proportion of students whose reason to procrastination lies in watching Netflix. Maybe you are also one of those students. So, how many times have you told yourself that you will start studying right after this episode and have not stopped until the season ended? You are not alone. 

I still have the whole night before exam 

This is an extreme form of procrastination. It is about the students who procrastinate even on the last day before exams. They justify this by saying that they still have the night to prepare for exams. God knows how stressful that night is. But they will still delay it until the eleventh hour. 

Agreeing to do any other activity but studying

Procrastinators have this trait of agreeing to do anything but study. The activities that sound boring usually will sound interesting in comparison to studying. So, they will say why not watch a boring drama before studying and why not do some exercise before I sit down to study. When someone proposes to do something, they will say yes, no matter what it is. After all, they get to delay studying in exchange for doing that. 

Going with the flow 

Procrastinators have no plans. They never study according to a strategy or a schedule. In fact, they have no discipline in their lives. So, they just go with the flow. This means they will do anything that comes in the way because they don’t care for the time reserved for studying. 

Constant anxiety at the back of the mind

Whatever a procrastinator is doing, it is never stress-free. In the back of their mind, they are always concerned about wasting time. So, they actually neither use that time studying nor can they enjoy it completely.  

I am too lazy to do it now  

This is the trait of procrastinators who confuse their inaction with laziness. They will say they cannot work because they are too lazy to do it now. In reality, they are just finding excuses to justify their procrastination. Get up and do some exercise to get back your energy.

Seeking excitement in life 

This is another trait of the people who cannot settle for boring and unexciting tasks like studying. Who will study for like hours, right? So, they seek tasks that are exciting and new. Thus, they keep procrastinating until there is no option except to do the boring study task.  

I can work better under pressure 

This is also a kind of justification that procrastinators give to themselves. To be honest, you might have worked well under pressure and stress but that can never be better than working with a healthy mind. A pressurized and stressed-out mind is never productive enough. In short, no one can work better under pressure. So, instead of giving yourself this excuse, take out your books. 

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