Nisar Khuhro demands HEC’s devolution to provinces

Nisar Khuhro demands HEC’s devolution to provinces


While talking to reporters after the inaugural ceremony of the two-day international conference at Sindh University, the Advisor to Chief Minister of Sindh on Universities & Boards Nisar Ahmad Khuhro demanded that the federal government should hand over the higher education to the provinces with all powers and financial funding.

Since the 18th Amendment, education has been a provincial matter, but the federal government has set up a federal higher education commission. The federal government has increased Rs 200 billion in PSDP, but no funding has been increased for the HEC, he maintained.

He said that the Sindh government has increased funding for universities from Rs 5 billion to Rs 6.30 billion to improve the quality of universities in Sindh. However, obstacles are being put in the way of provincial autonomy. And other rights including gas, NFC award, and water are not being given to the province.

Owing to the Covid-19 epidemic, Sindh University has reduced fees including semester fees, exam fees, and hostel charges, but the annual fee has been increased by Rs 3000 only. The students would pay annual fees of Rs. 22,000 per annum. If SU intends to increase fees, then it should keep in mind that students would bear no burden.

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