There is no restriction on Pakistani doctors and students working and training in the US. Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) denies all unverified and unsubstantiated news.

Unfortunately, for the past few days, there has been an unsubstantiated and unsubstantiated rumor circulating in the media and social media claiming that PMC has failed to meet WFME‘s standards. While the US medical regulators referred to this decision, it was said that foreign doctors should enter the US in the year 2024, after which only the doctors or students will be entering the US who are graduated or licensed by the regulatory authorities recognized by the WFME. Currently, all Pakistani doctors and graduates are able to work and train in the US without any hindrance.

The PMC is working closely with US regulatory authorities including ECFMG and FSMB to ensure that Pakistani doctors and medical graduates do not face any hurdles in their admission to the US. Apart from ECFMG and FSMB, APPNA, an organization of North American doctors of Pakistani origin, is also supporting the recognition of PMC by WFME as reflected in their recent discussions with the Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Federal Minister of Health. PMC completed the recognition process for WFME after 18 months of thorough preparation and fulfillment of all requirements.

WFME will review the PMC and its accredited medical colleges in the next 6 to 12 months to complete the accreditation process, upon completion of which Pakistan will be able to acquire WFME accreditation in 2023 before the 2024 deadline. The WFME evaluation process is a phased process culminating in a practical evaluation expected during the second quarter of 2023.

It is sad and worrying to see this kind of unverified, counter-factual news published, mainly anonymous and attributed to a named source. PMC also denies that erstwhile PMDC ever applied to WFME and subsequently PMC canceled WFME’s visit. It is very alarming that some of the statements in the news are allegedly from sources in the Ministry of Health. Unfortunately, misinformation is attributed to unnamed government sources with the sole purpose of creating anxiety among Pakistani doctors and students and defaming the name of Pakistan. This false and fabricated propaganda campaign has been carried out by a handful of vested interests who aim to gain control over the medical regulator so that they can gain personal benefits for their business without sacrificing medical quality.

The former PMDC told WFME. Not a single necessary action has been taken for the necessary processes and structures for identification, but they are engaged in spreading false, contrary to facts, and false propaganda about PMC for the sake of personal interest and recently the PMDC Bill has been declared a private member’s bill. Presenting it in the National Assembly as reflects that the ambitions of a handful of employees who treated the PMDC as their personal office and made it a breeding ground for corruption are clear. A bill endorsed by APPNA and a majority of other stakeholders would undo the tremendous work done over the past 18 years to re-establish internationally recognized standards in medical education and practice, which the PMC has done. finally made it possible to approach WFME in which PMC’s efforts were recognized and appreciated both in Pakistan and internationally.

It is worth noting that in 2020, India, like Pakistan, underwent major reforms through the establishment of a new medical regulatory authority, for the same reasons that existed in Pakistan. However, the Medical Commission of India has not yet applied for WFME recognition while the PMC has meanwhile managed to achieve the required reforms and implement WFME guided standards and frameworks to streamline the WFME recognition process. can be started.

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