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    Comprehending the CSS Conundrum

    The bureaucracy of Pakistan is a constant set of a state organs, responsible for turning the wheels that run the state’s machinery. But those joining as the new cells of this organ are no longer deemed as impressive as the older lot. With this year’s CSS exams seeing a success rate of mere 2.56%, Pakistan’s bureaucratic future projects a disconsolate image

    Author: Aisha Saeed

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    The Curse Of 33%

    The state of education in Pakistan leaves little room for accolades. And to add to the already abysmal state of affairs is the pass percentage of 33% that remains unaltered and unchanged ever since our colonial masters who devised the metric left it that way.

    Author: Intsab Sahi

    Full Steam Ahead: Murad Raas And The Road to Educational Reforms

    When you look at it, Murad Raas has no easy job at hand. For the moment he is responsible for the affairs of more than 700,000 teachers employed by the Punjab School Education Department.

    Author: Emanuel Sarfraz & Arslan Haider

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    Where’d The Water Go?

    An alarming number of schools across Sindh lack one of the most basic needs of life: water. But at least they have water filtration plants and water coolers installed for consoling hapless students.

    Author: Arshad YousafZai


    Fate Of Schools Uncertain After Passage Of Punjab Local Govt Act

    The public sector schooling system of Punjab is facing an uncertain future after the passage of Punjab Local Government Act 2019, with teachers objecting to structural, financial and administrative control being handed over to local governments.

    Author: Ammar Sheikh & Arslan Haider

    British Council In Pakistan Helping Pakistan Step Up Its Education Game

    Over the years, British Council in Pakistan has worked tirelessly to promote and develop the education sector in the country. It has been behind some key educational projects that have helped thousands across Pakistan gain access to education. Still, not many people know about its projects.

    Author: Emanuel Sarfraz


    Teacher’s Wellbeing: A Matter Left Out In The Cold

    The most common subject of any educational debate happens to be the welfare and wellbeing of students. But a matter that is increasingly being absent from the discourse is the wellbeing of those who are responsible for the wellbeing of students, i.e. the teachers. Mahrukh Nadeem tells why it needs to be addressed too.

    Author: Mahrukh Nadeem

    VR-Aided Education: Time For Change?

    Virtual reality is a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. Applications of virtual reality can include entertainment and educational purposes. Other, distinct types of VR style technology include augmented reality and mixed reality.

    Author : Hammad Anwar

    The Top Five Institutes To Get A Degree In Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapy is an interdisciplinary subject and a branch of Medicine & Health. Students taking a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Physiotherapy learn how to help people with physical impairments. During Physiotherapy courses, students learn notions of Psychology, as well as Reflexology.

    Secrets to Making Your Job Application A Success

    Landing a job is much more than getting a degree with good grades and keeping your fingers crossed later. It is a arduous process that requires taking each step with caution and planning. Amelie, a regular contributor from Australia spills the beans on how to up the antes of your job hunting success.

    Author: Amelie Hurford


    Smog, Smoggy, Smoggier: Clear The Air, Please!

    Like in the years before, the people of Lahore again had a nasty experience with smog in the last week of October. While our politicians took the usual “blame others” route. We ask experts what truly needs to be done to curb this tide of environmental degradation.

    Author: Intsab Sahi

    CGPA 2

    4 Ways To Teach Students Emotional Intelligence

    Depression, anxiety and uncertainty about one’s own self are becoming increasingly common in today’s youth. And many blame the diseases on a failure of our education system to make student emotionally intelligent.

    Author: Sania Nasir