NSU established Chat GPT Executive Training Center


The National Skills University (NSU) Islamabad – a UNESCO/UNEVOC international center in Pakistan- leads by establishing Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT) Executive Training Center. A policy document entitled “ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education raises some of the main challenges and ethical implications of AI in higher education and offers practical steps that higher education institutions can take”.

According to Prof Mukhtar Ahmad, Vice-Chancellor NSU, Pakistani academia can compete and excel globally by introducing the GPT at all educational levels. This technology exists, and we cannot hinder youth access. About academia, the ChatGPT is precisely like a switch from old-time phones with dialers to touchscreen ones. There should be nationwide contemplation on how the benefits of the GPT can be transferred to youth by eliminating its drawbacks. Moreover, if Pakistani IT professionals develop an Urdu version of ChatGPT, they will have regional superiority.

Experts believe ChatGPT has broader applications in basic and higher education systems, including teaching and learning, research design, data collection and analysis, administrative tasks, and university-community engagement.

The NSU team believes GPT is evolving fast, thus having several versions. However, the ChatGPT 4 is revolutionary as it allows people to interact with computers, like their colleagues and peers. Moreover, UNESCO describes ChatGPT as a “Computer Robot” to whom you can talk about anything. Get help for any of your issues and find ways to get them resolved.

I have continuously observed the GPT evolution over the past few months, says Prof Mukhtar. As an educationist, I advise the government to carefully evaluate ChatGPT 4.0 irrespective of its ethical issues and delimitations. If we do not assist our youth, they use this technology alone. Most importantly, the latest version of ChatGPT4 is free of negative feelings, and ethical interactions with users, is humane and dispels negative emotions.

The NSU GPT Executive Center will be open to academia nationwide and international partners. The NSU Vice Chancellor will disclose the center’s objectives and further implementation on May 3rd in the afternoon during a Zoom presentation.

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