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    Pakistan’s Embassy Schools: From Par To Pity

    Falling under the jurisdiction of Federal Board of Education, embassy schools cater to the educational needs of children of overseas Pakistanis. These schools were once a safe haven for Pakistani nationals to not only receive quality education at affordable fees but also a great way to stay connected to one’s roots. But like many things in Pakistan, they might also be in a decline. Aisha Saeed narrates.

    Author:  Aisha Saeed

    Medical Education System In Pakistan Reforms Necessary To Halt Ruination

    The medical education system in Pakistan has become highly regressive over the years, and its quality has raised many a questions following the recent sacking of hundreds of Pakistani physicians by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. Dr Sohail pleads the case for reforms and how they must be brought about.

    Author: Dr Sohail Rao

    Fall In Fortunes How Higher Education Budget Cuts Are Affecting New Admissions

    The PTI government promised heavy investment in education. Instead it has slashed the budget for higher education by almost a half. Ammar Sheikh investigates how these cuts are affecting the fate of higher education and students in Punjab.

    Author: Ammar Sheikh

     The Triple Helix Factor

    The academia, industries and government institutions must work together to foster technological innovation and economic growth. This Triple Helix approach is followed by most countries of the world but an alien idea in Pakistan.

    Author: Emanuel Sarfraz

    ‘Education Sans Value System Counts For Nothing’

    The Dar-e-Arqam School Network is one of the largest school systems in Pakistan, with more than 170,000 students and over 660 branches across Pakistan. Arsalan Haider talks to its CEO Waqas Anjum Jaffri about where the school is and where it is heading. 

    Author: Arslan Haider


    Contemporary Times Necessitate Innovative Approaches To Education

    Each successive Pakistani government has sold us the idea of carrying out widespread reforms in education. But while we have hoped each time of the promises being kept for good, our schools and the general system of education depicts a gloomy picture. Saddam Hussein writes how we need to take cues from the best in the world and get town to the reforms task seriously.

    Author: Saddam Hussein


    Overhaul Needed In Under Graduate Engineering Education

    UET Lahore has been one of the most prolific engineering institutions in Pakistan. A new VC at the helm of affairs aims to change the way undergraduate studies at the varsity are conducted. Ammar Sheikh probes how Dr Mansoor Sarwar aims to do that.

    Author: AmmarSheikh

    Buckling Under Pressure

     Why We Need To Ease Academic Pressure On Students

    Pressure to perform and survive in an increasingly competitive educational landscape often drives vulnerable young minds to the brink to taking their own life in order to escape the potential backlash from friends, family and the society. Mahrukh Nadeem explains why we need to seriously attend to this alarming societal issue.

    Author: Mahrukh Nadeem

    Edutainment: The Way Forward In Education?

    Learning has traditionally been associated with lengthy lectures, lots of paper work and long hours of reading. But with Edutainment, all that is set to change. Or is it?

    Author: Hammad Anwar

    Instant Meals Every Student Can Make In A Jiffy

    Nutrition plays a key role in the life of students, helping them perform well and stay active in class. However, students around the globe are consuming foods with high levels of saturated fats that are in reality obstructing their knack to learn.

    HSHM: Preparing Hospitality Leaders For The Future

    The Hashoo Group is the leading name in hospitality industry of Pakistan, managing top notch hospitality chains like Pearl Continental and Hotel One. With tourism industry likely to see growth in the coming years, the group has already built the basis for providing well-rounded professionals to the industry that can spearhead businesses towards a growth trajectory.

    Author: Aisha Saeed

    The Mad Chase After CGPA

    Students in universities naturally find themselves inclined towards joining the race for attaining that all elusive 4.0 CGPA. The impetus is simple: the higher the CGPA, the better the job. But is that really a fact we all must agree to blindfolded? We find out.

    Author: M Azam Mahmood BuTT & Sehrish Khan

    APSACS: The Crossroad of Future And Excellence

    Army Public Schools and Colleges have been at the forefront of providing quality education to Pakistani students in major cities as well as remote areas of the country. Hina Khan explains the various aspects of the schooling system and how it outshines its peers in Pakistan.

    Author: Hina Khan