Ombudsperson Punjab addresses seminar at UO


The University of Okara organized a seminar on ‘Status of Women in Legal & Cultural Context of Pakistani Society’ where the Ombudsperson Punjab, Nabila Khan, delivered a special lecture, discussing social and legal aspects of workplace harassment and property rights of women.

The UO’s Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr Muhammad Zakria Zakar, who presided over the session, discussed in detail the causes and consequences of gender inequality and violation of women rights.

“Addressing workplace harassment issues is paramount for building an inclusive and equitable society. But these problems cannot be fixed merely with the help of laws, rather we need to change our historical trajectories and social behaviors,” said the VC.

He further told that the issues like economic downturn, Pakistan’s negative image in international community, infant mortality and maternal mortality can only be solved with women participation and empowerment.

Nabila Khan briefed the audience about certain interventions of the Ombudsperson’s office regarding protection of women rights in Punjab. She also stressed the need of imparting complete awareness of laws to various stakeholders of the society in a bid to eradicate harassment and infringement of women’s property rights.

With reference to the section of 2 (h) of the Workplace Harassment Law and Women’s Property Rights Act 2021, she delivered a presentation on the procedure of lodging complaints and the department’s mechanism to address them.

Dr Zaid Lakhvi from Islamic Studies and Dr Ghulam Mustafa from Chemistry also addressed the seminar, highlight various socio-cultural and religious aspects of women rights.

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