Only 35 percent of graduates acquire jobs yearly

Only 35 percent of graduates acquire jobs yearly

graduates acquire jobs

Annually, on average, 4, 80,000 students graduated from universities across the country out of which only 1, 72,000 graduates were able to acquire jobs. This is undoubtedly one of our students’ major concerns as most of Pakistan’s population struggles with the issues of unemployment.

When such a situation arises, there is an urgent need to prepare the students in such a way that they can earn a living through entrepreneurship and push their lives for the job instead of going abroad.

They should have other options in hand and to achieve it we have to guide our youngsters in the right direction so that their fresh energy is not wasted and they can become useful citizens and also help in raising the standard of the national economy.

These views were expressed by Dr Maroof Bin Rauf from the department of education University of Karachi while addressing an exhibition and seminar on Social Action Project (SAP) organized by the department of education in the Arts Lobby.

He informed the audience that SAP is a term commonly used to refer to an action taken to improve society. Dr Maroof Bin Rauf used this term to teach entrepreneurship to students in a unique way.

He mentioned that human beings cannot be weighed on the same scale because there is a difference in their characteristics. Usually, in our education system, only written skills are tested and the rest of the skills are ignored.

During his presentation, Dr Maroof Bin Rauf observed that traditional methods of providing employment have failed miserably in fulfilling the needs of the market and both public and private sectors cannot provide jobs to every citizen of the country and this situation would sooner or later lead the country to a dangerous economic crisis.

He said that, in this situation, it is important to enable youngsters to get decent work through entrepreneurship, it would help in establishing small-scale industries across the country and Pakistan’s exports may also increase by strengthening entrepreneurship culture.

Dr Maroof Bin Rauf suggested that compulsory courses about entrepreneurship should be a part of every department of public and private sectors universities.

Meanwhile, the former Director General National Institute of Oceanography ministry of science and technology government of Pakistan Dr Nuzhat Khan said that the world is now moving in new directions and Pakistanis have to follow the market’s trend to compete at the international level.

The Chairman Karachi University Business School Dr Muhammad Danish Siddiqui said that to understand the aspects of the economy, we have to realize the importance of social responsibility, broad consideration of society and businesses, contribution to the public interest, and corporate voluntary participation.

He added entrepreneurs must have the ability and knowledge to participate in local and international competitions and fundraising programs so that their projects remain on the top over the years.

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