Ovarian cancer is still serious threat to females globally: Dr Amber Yaseem


The Department of Physiology, University of Karachi has initiated a lecture series entitled Active Learner’s Lecture Series to equip its students with cutting-edge research advancements and adorn them with dynamic technological developments.

The first lecture of this series was conducted by the alumnus of the physiology department Dr Amber Yasmeen who graduated from the department in 1995. She is currently serving as Senior Scientific and Clinical Research Manager at Segal Cancer Centre, Jewish General Hospital Canada.

During her talk, Dr Yasmeen emphasized that ovarian cancer is still a serious threat to females globally even after decades of research. She shed light on how chemotherapy will soon be replaced by multifactorial personalized medicine for each individual.

She also talked about the increase in resistance to current therapies and what can be the future perspectives to encounter it. The Chairman Department of Physiology Dr Taseer Ahmed Khan concluded the seminar with a note that technology is a blessing if its use is acquired with wisdom and a productive approach.

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