More than 28000 teachers from the government schools of Punjab have applied for transfers and postings to different areas. The applications have been submitted under the new e-transfer policy provided by the School Education Department (SED) Punjab.

The announcement of the opening of transfers through the e-transfer portal was made last month by the former Punjab government. It was meant to facilitate the government teachers from Punjab to be posted to the cities of their choice in a very quick and efficient way. After the announcement was made, the government reopened the portal for applications on March 31. It was supposed to remain open for almost two weeks since the deadline for the submission was the 13th of April. In just 13 days, there were around 28,500 applications.

Out of these, more than half were female applicants. The number of female teachers was around 16,000 while the number of male applicants was around 12,000. According to the details provided by the government, the School Education Department will review the application by the 23rd of April and the orders for postings and transfers will be issued by the 25th of the same month.

Since the former government has always mentioned the transparent functioning of the institutes, the school department is no exception. The e-transfer portal is made to make sure that the transfers happen strictly on the basis of merit and there is no involvement of any other factor in the selection of candidates.

The portal can be opened on mobile phones. Not just that, a mobile app for e-transfers was also launched by the previous government. The candidates can check the status of their applications through this portal opened either through the web or the app. The progress of the application can also be tracked through this. This was a very helpful and efficient measure taken by the former leadership. Candidates seem to be in need of transfers since tens of thousands have applied. Let’s see how far the current government keeps up with this initiative.

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