The World Mural Project (WMP) of Japan under the campaign “Over the Wall” holds Mural Unveiling Ceremony at the National Institute of Child Health (NICH) in Karachi. As one of the projects commemorating the 70th anniversary of Japan-Pakistan diplomatic relations, the mural has been created with the support of the Pakistan Japan Cultural Association (PJCA -Sindh).

The concept of the mural is “Karachi’s Green Sea Turtle”, which is the symbol of the mural. In Karachi, some beaches are famous for green sea turtles. Since they are an endangered species, government agencies try to protect their baby lives in Karachi. Just like the sea turtles, we human beings need protection and a lot of support in early childhood as well. Mr Miyazaki is creating the mural in pediatric hospital wishing children safety, protection, and hope.

In the process of painting the mural, more than 300 children from many schools across Karachi have joined Mr Miyazaki. This mural is a co-production, created by not only Miyazaki himself, but also the children of Karachi. According to Mr Miyazaki: “I am pleased to create a mural in Karachi commemorating of the 70th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between Pakistan and Japan. Since NICH, where I am making this mural, is a hospital for children, I drew people who protect the green sea turtles and their eggs to represent people who protect children. I wish that future is always bright for Pakistani children.”

The Japanese artist Kensuke Miyazaki creates murals around the world. During the creation process, he paints together with the local people, especially children. “Over The Wall” has been established according to his desire to encourage children of world and give them hope for the future through art activities and bring the world closer. These participatory mural projects have been carried out in Kenya, East Timor, Ukraine, Ecuador, and Haiti.

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