Dow University of Health Sciences Vice Chancellor Professor Muhammad Saeed Quraishy has urged parents and medical science students not to limit themselves to MBBS and BDS only.  There is a dearth of pharmacists in Pakistan who are still in short supply, while a new galaxy of innovations and advances in biotechnology and other fields awaits you.

He spoke as a chief guest at Orientation Day events organized separately for students and their parents who were successful in enrolling in biotechnology & Pharm-D.  Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. Nusrat Shah Kamal, Principal of Dow International Medical College Prof. Fauzia Parveen, Dr. Sanbal Shamim, Dr. Noor Jahan, Dr. Mushtaq and Final Year students of both the departments participated in the events along with a large number of teachers, students and parents. Professor Muhammad Saeed Quraishy said that Dow University provides not only MBBS education but also quality education and excellent environment in all fields including pharmacy and biotechnology.  Library and sports facilities are also available. Now it is up to the students how they dedicate their time to these activities.

Addressing the Orientation Day of Dow College of Pharmacy, Prof. Nusrat Shah said that 30 years ago there were only two ways for girls studying in Pakistan, to become doctors or teachers, thanks to God that are now many avenues for the future of the girls in our country. She said that there is a tendency among the youth to go abroad after getting education. The idea of leaving the country is not correct.
The purpose of educating you here is not to pay fees to the people of USA and UK and other countries. Use your education for the afflicted here and as a result you will have success in both worlds.
She said that in the fields of medical and pharmacy a large number of girls come and then after getting education most of them get married and take over the responsibilities of home. This is a wrong trend.  Addressing the students and their parents who are enrolled in pharmacy, She more said that girls coming in this field should not marry any irresponsible boy but should marry good boys who understand the importance of their education.
She said that becoming a pharmacist may make you look like a doctor with your name but it is more important than your doctor. Final year students of both the colleges shared their experiences on this occasion and said that four years of college life gave them confidence and now they can go anywhere in the world to test their skills. A group photo of the faculty was also taken on the occasion and a commemorative shield was also given on the arrival of the Vice Chancello

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