Pakistan Should Send More Students To China, Dr Atta-ur-Rehman


Professor Dr Atta-ur-Rehman, the former chairman HEC, while receiving People’s Republic of China International Science and Technology Cooperation Award in recognition of contributions along with other experts in Beijing said, Pakistan should send more students to China for learning advance technology.

The former Minister Science and Technology further added, China is leading the world in science and technology especially, in the field as nanotechnology and artificial intelligence. Pakistani students should make good use of incredible opportunities presented to them by the country’s close relationship with the technology giant. While talking to Chinese Media, the professor said, he was honored to receive recognition for his efforts.

The current chairman PM’s task force on Science and Technology firmly believes, that upon returning to Pakistan, the students can continue their research in universities and laboratories across the country. Moreover, the students with exposure to Chinese technological advancement can pass-on their newly gained knowledge to others by jumping in the teaching pool. This would lead to progress in modern scientific research in Pakistan.

Over the years, he has advocated and promoted long-term and stable industry-university-research cooperation in the fields of organic chemistry, biology, agri-food and other fields through the establishment of joint laboratories in well-known scientific research institutions, universities and enterprises in Pakistan and China.

He also actively provided suggestions and suggestions on China’s science and technology development planning and international science and technology cooperation, which effectively promoted the exchange of science and technology and higher education between the two countries.

He  continued to add, how Pakistan has significantly increased its science and technology development budget this year, and mentioned it is a major goal of the Pakistani government to transform the country from an agricultural economy to a knowledge and technology economy.

China can provide tremendous help in achieving the goal of Pakistan’s technological progress. To further improve links with young Chinese scientists we are establishing research centers in the country, said Professor Atta-ur-Rehman.

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