Sitara-O-Hilal Foundation organized “Iqbal Day Celebration” with great zeal to pay tribute to MUFAKKIR-e-PAKISTAN, Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Cake cutting ceremony, Recitation of Iqbal Poetry and Bait bazi kalam e Iqbal was held in the memory of the Poet of Pakistan. President UMT Ibrahim Hassan Murad, Mr. Shamsi Zahid Shamsi (poet), Ms Yasmin Bukhari (writer), Mr. Zahid Hussain (president young Iqbal scholars club) and Dr. Ijaz Yosuf and students participated in the ceremony.

President UMT, Ibahim Hasan Murad paid tribute to Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal. He said that Iqbal issued a wake-up call to the youth of the subcontinent, urging them to put aside their differences and join the cause for a distinct state. Even today, his poetry serves as a catalyst in formulating guidelines for the Muslim Ummah; he added. Mr. Murad asked the youth to play their productive role in the development of a prosperous Pakistan as it was the dream of Iqbal to prepare the youth for the prosperity and betterment of the Muslim nation.

Ibrahim Murad expressed that UMT is preparing the youth according to Iqbal’s ideology of “Khudi” and equality. Further he invited the youth to join and support the SHF because its purpose is to create awareness among youth to contribute towards the real development of Pakistan through education.

All guest speakers also paid tribute to Dr. Allama Iqbal through their poetry. They all agreed on this point that without the ideology of Iqbal and dedication of Quaid e Azam, formation of Pakistan was not possible. They asked youth to keep awake the Ideology of Dr. Iqbal. Certificates were also distributed among the position holder asd participants of Bait Bazi kalam e Iqbal.

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