Pakistani Applicants Routinely Denied German Student Visa


In spite of meeting all requisite conditions and securing genuine admissions, Pakistani  students are more likely than not denied German student visa, often due to vague reasons 


Pakistani students applying for a German student visa have a high chance of getting rejected in spite of receiving admission confirmation. Many students have been complaining that the German embassy in Islamabad denies visa to Pakistani students despite the applicants fulfilling all requirements sought by the embassy, often by providing vague reasons.

When Ali* applied for a master’s programme in Germany in 2016, he got accepted for the degree, but had little idea that getting a visa would be much harder. Ali said his rejection was not only unfair but confusing as well, claiming he had fulfilled all criteria stated on the official website and submitted mandatory financial and other supporting documents as well. However, he said his visa was rejected based on additional requirement that he should have twice as many funds in his student account as those stated on the German website

The student said the reason provided by the German embassy was insufficient and “many students that applied for a visa that year got rejected due to unsatisfactory reasons”. Fariha*, another Pakistani student applying for higher studies said she was denied a visa due to her poor German language skills, although she applied for a course in English and/or international programme.

“The medium of instruction for my course was English, a language I have studied throughout my educational life. My academic documents clearly stated my medium of instructions was English, yet I was denied a visa for having poor or no German language skills,” she said.

Appeal Nation

Students looking to study in Germany are often found inquiring about visa rejections by filing appeals. Some students even got rejected over the fact that the German authorities had doubts about their seriousness as a student due to insufficient funds. However, several students relate that their bank accounts had more funds than the official website made mandatory for seeking a visa.

Many students facing these vague rejections file appeals against the decisions, often getting the visas eventually, but at the cost of additional expenditure and lost time.

Ali said he appealed the rejection decision and the process took over six months. “I had to forego the admission and was asked to reapply for an admission next year,” he said. “I think it is unfair. I had an impressive academic record, had had scholarships and a good GPA besides the German admission confirmation. Still, I was denied a German student visa and suffered for an entire year,” he added. Ali has since been offered a visa and will begin his master’s degree in fall 2018.

Certain Trick

Pakistanis who have been successful in obtaining German student visa say it’s rather wishful to hope getting a visa merely on the basis of good grades and fulfilled prerequisites. They say extra funds in the student blocked account are very important and exhibit your ‘seriousness’ as student, hence raising your chances of obtaining a visa.

With a new government at the helm in Pakistan and the prime minister promising to overhaul the education system, this vital issue of visa denial to Pakistani students by Germany and many other countries should also be addressed. The government and its representative in Germany and other states should make sure that no student is denied a visa if he or she has fulfilled the necessary requirements and secured admission in higher education institutes in these countries. The resolution of this issue will not only save precious resources of Pakistani applicants, but also encourage a larger number of students to head to Germany – or any other country for that matter – for higher studies, knowing that they won’t be held back by vague justifications despite fulfilling all requisites.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy of students.



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