Pakistani officials receive PU award in EduData Summit

Pakistani officials receive PU award in EduData Summit

PU award in EduData Summit

Punjab University (PU) Lahore has achieved a landmark recognition as the most-improved university in Asia over the past five years, as declared by the QS World University Rankings. This accolade was received on behalf of PU by Pakistan Embassy officials Mr. Bilal Akram Shah and Bilal Riaz at the EduData Summit held in Washington DC, organized by the QS World University Rankings.

In light of this unprecedented achievement, PU Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood, along with PU Ranking Committee Chairman Dr Usman Awan and Secretary Dr Shafiqur Rahman, addressed a press briefing at the University Club on Wednesday. Prof Dr Mahmood emphasized the significance of this accomplishment, highlighting PU’s competition with universities from economically dominant Asian nations such as Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, and India. Despite operating with a significantly smaller budget, PU secured the “Best Improved Institution – Asia Region” award, marking a historic leap in its academic and research standing.

Dr Mahmood revealed that the QS team analyzed the reputation and research output of 5,663 higher education institutions, ultimately ranking 1,503. PU has impressively climbed to the 570th position in the latest QS World University Ranking, an extraordinary improvement of 170 places from last year’s 740-750 range. From 2019 to 2022, PU’s ranking fluctuated between 800-1000. He congratulated the university’s faculty, staff, and students, stating that this recognition could transform the landscape of higher education in Pakistan, showcasing how determination and consistency can elevate an institution globally, even with limited financial resources.

Dr Mahmood detailed the steps taken by the PU Ranking Committee over the past six years, noting that 14 higher education institutions from Pakistan were ranked this year. In the “Employment Outcomes” indicator, PU was ranked number one in Pakistan, reflecting its ability to ensure high employability for graduates and nurture future leaders.

Highlighting the data used in the recent ranking, Dr Mahmood mentioned that 8,637 Scopus-indexed publications were affiliated with PU over the last five years. For citations, data from the past six years were used, with PU research yielding 85,554 normalized citations. In the Employment Outcome indicator, PU ranked 118th globally, 162nd in employment reputation, and 566th in academic reputation.

Chairman Ranking Committee, Prof Dr Muhammad Usman Awan, attributed this success to the collective efforts of young professors and the PU Ranking Committee. He emphasized the satisfaction of renowned academics and employers, the continuous increase in Scopus-indexed research publications and citations, the learning experience of students, global engagement, and sustainability as key contributors to PU’s improved ranking.

Prof Dr Awan also highlighted future strategies for further enhancing PU’s ranking, including improving the faculty-student ratio, increasing international faculty and student numbers, and focusing on research addressing Pakistan’s socio-economic issues. He expressed optimism that with significant government funding, PU has the potential to be ranked among the QS Top 300 Universities within the next four years.

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