Pakistani Students In Hubei Satisfied With Embassy’s Support


A group of Pakistani students residing in Hubei, China’s province hard-hit by new coronavirus outbreak, have expressed complete satisfaction over support provided by their university as well as facilitation extended by the Pakistan Embassy, Beijing.

In a video message shared on social media, Dr Sohail and other students said that people were exaggerating the situation due to which their parents were worried.

“The truth is our university is cooperating with us and taking good care of us.”

“They are providing us with relevant medical equipment including masks and thermometers for safety precautions. They are also providing us with HALAL food twice a day” , they added.

Appreciating the role of Pakistan Embassy, Beijing during the prevailing situation in view of coronavirus epidemic, students said, that even our embassy and the mission is in constant contact with us, they are taking all the necessary steps.

Stressing for a need to remain calm, they suggested to face this situation with patience, stop negativity on social media and hoped for a better and positive outcome.

They said they were very thankful to Pakistan’s government and Pakistan Embassy in China as well as their University and the local authorities for supporting them and taking good care in such a critical time.

Meanwhile, Naseem Baloch, a student at Central China Normal University (CCNU) in Wuhan said that Pakistani students were being provided all the basic facilities.

The university has designated representatives who are available 24 hours to help the international students in the current situation. There is no shortage of food or the medicines.

He pointed out that some students are misguiding the media giving false information about the situation on the ground.

He appreciated the university and the local administration to providing them necessary support and facilities during this testing time.

Another Pakistani students at Tsinghua University Beijing opined that the epidemic outbreak of novel coronavirus was not unprecedented in China. The country came across to a similar or even more severe SARS pandemic in 2003 but as a great nation, Chinese commitment, hardworking and resoluteness carried them through the challenge victorious.

Hopefully this time too, as many efforts already underway, they will overcome the virus successfully,he added.

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