Millions of students in Punjab have been promoted to the next classes without receiving textbooks due to delays in the delivery of books because of the insufficient books printed by Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB).

According to the reports, there have been management issues in PCTB due to which the printing of the books for grades six to nine has been affected. PCTB has given the time till August for the printing and delivery of books to the respective grades’ students.

Summer vacation is about to start and the teachers worry that giving the vacation homework without textbooks will not be possible. Likewise, parents have presented their concerns about the waste of their children’s time and lack of resources.

A representative of the Punjab Teachers Union (PTU) while talking about this issue said that the delays in the printing of books have happened due to the uncertain political atmosphere in Pakistan. Adding to the severity of the issue, the School Education Department (SED) and Higher Education Department (HED) of Punjab are functioning without regular ministers. This is directly affecting the education of students of all grades.

A senior official of the School Education Department while talking to a media house said, “There is a delay in the printing of books for classes six to nine and the books will not be available in the coming weeks. The reason is that there has been no meeting on printing the books due to the current political situation as we don’t know whether the books will be printed following the Single National Curriculum or the old curriculum.” He added that they have prepared most of the textbooks for compulsory subjects for primary grades and that they will be sent for distribution. Whereas for the classes sixth to ninth, they are waiting for the government’s instructions.

He also said that the current government should decide about the future of the Single National Curriculum but no meetings have been held for that purpose.

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