Addressing the book launching ceremony on the second day of the International Urdu Conference, intellectuals and writers said that a good and quality book is still important and people still read the books.

Qamar Raza Shehzad said that the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi introduced my book globally. Commenting on Dr. Iqbal Pirzada’s book on paper, Tajdar Adil said that Dr. Iqbal Pirzada was one of the galaxies of poets and writers in Hyderabad. He also read selected poems of Pirzada. He said that Dr. Pirzada is a doctor of chest diseases but he is also aware of the secrets of the chest.

Syed Noman-ul-Haq, while commenting on Haris Khaliq’s book Heeran-e-Sar-e-Bazaar, said that his poetry has been adapted into every area of the subcontinent and its imagery. Perfect reflections on events in poetry … also style … I thought that this book is about ghazals but the poems in it are also wonderful. But he did not break the tradition of ghazals. He is a young poet. He also recited poems of Harris Khaliq.

Najiba Arif commented on Hameed Shahid’s book Hairat Ka Bagh and Kashif Raza commented on Sabir Zafar’s book Atash Bekangi. On the second day of the conference, in various sessions, Khalid Fateh Mohammad’s novel Waqt Ki Bagh, Wajiha Warsi’s book Jangalistan and a handful of stories by renowned Indian writer Javed Siddiqui were also unveiled.

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