PHC Dismisses 35 Petitions Contesting MDCAT Retest


Justices Ijaz Ibrahim and Shakil Ahmed, of Peshawar High Court (PHC), led the proceedings addressing the MDCAT retest case. One student, Arif, raised concerns during the session regarding potential severe consequences, including capital punishment, if there were any inaccuracies in the test results.

In response, Justice Ijaz Ibrahim questioned Arif’s focus on such extreme outcomes, reminding him of the importance of aspiring to become a doctor and urging trust in the judicial process. He highlighted the growing lack of faith in institutional integrity among the public and stressed the need to prevent similar incidents to the MDCAT retest from occurring in the future.

Emphasizing the ongoing registration and classes along with the retest conducted due to irregularities, Justice Ijaz Ibrahim stated that judicial intervention was not feasible, emphasizing the necessity for decisions to adhere to legal parameters.

The court subsequently dismissed all 35 petitions, advising the petitioners to redirect their efforts towards preparing for next year’s test rather than prolonging legal disputes.

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