PHEC holds certificates distribution ceremony


Teachers were stressed on upgrading their instructional approaching  to produce quality students in a PHEC organized certificates distribution ceremony held at Arfa software Technology Park, Lahore. Minister for Higher Education Department (HED) Punjab Raja Yassir Humayun Sarfraz, Chairperson PHEC Prof Dr Shahid Munir, Dy; Secretary HED Mr Nadeem Asghar, Chief Operating Officer PHEC Dr Mansoor Ahmad Baluch, PHEC senior officers, assistant professors from public sector colleges across Punjab attended the ceremony.

Addressing on this occasion, Raja Yassir Humayun said that the quality of students was linked to the quality of teachers’ teacher was needed to upgrade his/her knowledge, skills and instructional approach with emerging trends at par with changing global educational landscape. He emphasized the teachers to facilitate and encourage students regarding their learning and making classroom conducive for cultivation of students’ mental faculties. He called for customized need based trainings for teachers by PHEC.

Chairperson PHEC Prof Dr Shahid Munir, at this eve, said that role of teachers in an education system was transcending beyond the conventional instructors to nation builders. He said that getting rid of the rot memorization and inculcation of critical abilities in students was the need of the hour. “The role of teachers is more like mentors, they are meant to prepare students for the future and sensitize them about skills desirable to tackle future challenges”

Dr Shahid Munir further said that most of high achievers female students were out of the economics mainstream after graduating from universities. “It is the duty of the teachers to make them realize that the country’s economy cannot prosperous without their active contribution; women must enter into job market after completing education” he emphasized. He added that it would be unjust to the country’s economy, if the women were sitting idle after degree.

He lamented on the plight of conventional education, in vogue, that lacked the future education requirements. “The world is getting smarter, technology has disrupted every sphere of societal life; education is not an exception. Artificial intelligence, data science, robotics, and information technology are the fields of the future” he said.

The Chairperson further said that around 6.5 trillion jobs were estimated in these sectors globally by the year 2030. “The world is planning for the future and accordingly updating their education systems, unfortunately we are  still sticking to conventional curriculum with same archaic instructional methods, “Integration of modern technological trends into our curriculum has become inevitable to get our students become citizens of the future” he stressed.

Certificates were distributed at the end among the 156 pass-out female assistant professors who received four-week promotion linked training organized by the PHEC.

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