The Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) has been suffering from severe financial crises as the Commission has failed to impress the Punjab government for getting its required budget.

As per the sources, PHEC demanded Rs 1540 million for the fiscal year 2021-22 in terms of development budget but Punjab Government only allocated and awarded Rs 290 million to the commission. However, in terms of non-development budget, PHEC demanded Rs 787 million but only Rs 225 million were awarded by government.

The reliable sources told Academia Magazine that due to negligence of higher leadership of PHEC, government awarded five times less budget than the required by the commission. The sources told that the Punjab government is not happy with the performance of PHEC which may be a reason behind the decrease in budget.

The sources added that PHEC’s performance was not as per the government’s expectations especially during last year which might be one of the reasons behind decreasing the budget.

The PHEC also failed to utilize one-third of the development budget issued in Fiscal Year 2020-21 till February 2021. The sources also informed that the commission also sent several PC 1 for approval and budget but they were all ignored by the government. PHEC demanded Rs 61 million in terms of different PC, sources informed this scribe.

Interestingly, PHEC was given Rs 95 million for phase one of establishing community colleges but it didn’t utilize even 10 percent of the total amount, sources told adding that Rs 110 were demanded by PHEC but zero amount was given by the government in this regard.

However, in contrast to the low budget, PHEC has huge expenditures including hefty salaries of higher management. The commission spends Rs 112 million in terms of salaries, Rs 18 million for the training of college teachers, Rs 10 million for conferences and seminars, Rs 54 million for operational expenses and Rs 28 million for purchasing of assets.
The sources also told that despite the low budget and higher expenditure, PHEC managed training for Vice Chancellors in a luxurious hotel where around Rs 10 to Rs 20 million will be spent by commission.

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