A three-member delegation of the Pakistan Information Commission Islamabad during their visit to the Karachi University’s Department of Mass Communication highlighted importance of the Right of Access to Information Act 2017.


They shared that the purpose of the visit to the campus is to create awareness about the act. The delegation briefed the reasons for implementing the Right to Access to Information Act-2017 in every public intuition.


The Chief Information Commissioner Mohammad Azam, Information Commissioner Fawad Malik, and Information Commissioner Zahid Abdullah of the PIC met the faculty, students, and employees in the department and enlighten them that every citizen has the fundamental and constitutional right of access to information in matters of all public importance.


“Any person can exercise their fundamental right and get access to information regarding federal public bodies through the PIC Islamabad if that relevant department/office is not entertaining them, and same commissions are also working at provincial levels, so public have the opportunity to ask questions about provincial and federal governments offices.”


They mentioned that individuals can ask about reasons for the delay of any particular project, its cost, or anything related to the working of public offices. They informed the audience that the Right to Access to Information Act-2017 is helpful in bringing transparency to the system and will help in minimizing corruption in the country.


They believed that students would use the act and observed that this practice will also help in learning about the process of collecting information which is an integral part of journalism. Meanwhile, the Chairperson MCD Dr Fouzia Naz expressed that with the proper use of the Right of Access to Information Act 2017 people can bring sustainability to the system and hoped that students of journalism and others will use this platform for the right cause.

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