Students of the Department of Product and Industrial Design (PID) University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore attended a workshop at the Government College of Technology, Shahdara under the industrial collaboration for Glass And Ceramics with Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA).

Government College of Technology alias TEVTA School of Glass and Ceramics is one of the known institutes in Shahdara, Lahore which is providing expert services and support in ceramic ware production.

Through this workshop the students of PID – UET were encouraged to improve their creative thinking which will help the design students to explore new designs in ceramics by helping them and providing them with a friendly and safe environment to work in.

While explaining the details of the workshop subject teacher Aiman Amjad told Academia that this studio practice of Assignments was split into two sections, Design Thinking in which students completed their first phase of design including Visual representation of Elements of Design & Design Principles in the Departmental Studio.

She said that in the second phase of Product Manufacturing students gave life to their visual artwork by making physical products including Bath Sets, Pizza Plates and Mugs. The students were able to have the understanding of Material and Manufacturing Limitations with their designs and learning of the Multani traditional Art Technique of Kashi-Kari.

“They started their Phase One from Molding in the Plaster Room, Slip Casting, Drying Room, Finishing Room, Designing Patterns on their products by hand, and Glazing Room to Kiln where the products were baked in one of the three kilns of various sizes.

Spray Booth was also available to the students to cover its use in the glazing section. Help and advice from experts and technicians were available throughout this interactive journey. Students kept notes from toughing plaster on wheels, slip preparation to noting drying time of slips in molds, color preparation for Kashi-Kari, applying colors on Products by making special brushes, and Glazing preparation to Kiln Temperatures,” she told.

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