KU Launches Pilot Project To Transform Teacher Education System

KU Launches Pilot Project To Transform Teacher Education System

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The Karachi University (KU) has given its affiliated college Government Elementary College of Education (GECE), Hussainabad, the status of a pilot project with the aim of introducing advances and best global exercises, in order to uplift the teacher education system of Pakistan.  The pilot project oversees collaboration of KU with non-profit (NPOs) including Durbeen and Zindagi Trust, along with their programmes with University of Helsinki, in order to improve the college’s infrastructure, academics and administration and introduce certain innovations in its four-year B.Ed. Elementary (Honours) curriculum”, a press release stated.

“The revised B.Ed. Elementary (Honours) programme will be implemented at the GECE for a period of four years (one graduation cycle) and simultaneously, an impact study will be conducted to assess the quality of the student-teachers.”

Findings of the study will assist KU to “gauge the scalability of the curricula across other affiliated teacher-education programmes,” the press release added.

Durbeen aims to provide best quality education in government schools across the province by staffing professional teachers, coming out of the revamped Government Colleges of Teacher Education.

Qazi Shahid Pervaiz, the secretary school education and literacy department, said, “The University of Karachi’s initiative today is like the first drop of rain that heralds the rainy season. Next, this same initiative may be replicated at the University of Sindh or Jamshoro after that. This is a project that Durbeen has started with KU, and we hope that it builds up to a complete reform of teacher education.”

KU Vice-Chancellor Muhammad Ajmal Khan said, “I am confident that with the help of Durbeen, we will bring such a reform in the teaching system that a generation of students would become capable of asking questions, and that is what will help our nation move forward.”


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