Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and Taleem Finance Company Limited (TFCL) have signed agreement to improve the quality of education and equip teachers with the best digital resources that will help standardize teaching

at private schools serving the low and middle income groups of the population. CEO TFCL Kamran Azim and DG e-Governance PITB Sajid Latif signed on behalf of their respective organizations in a ceremony held at Arfa Software Park on Thursday.

According to the agreement PITB and TFCL’s collaboration would include automation of a range of content including animated videos, assessments, audios, and simulations of Science and Math subjects from Grade 1 to 12. In addition to this, PITB will also provide training, implementation support, and free content. Digitization of educational content will not only elevate the standard of education, especially in subjects like Math and Science, but would also promote standardized dissemination of content among all. This would improve employment chances for students especially girls contributing to a gender-equitable and literate society.

PITB DG Sajid Latif said that PITB is working on digital content for the past 6 years. Currently it is working on the digital content for the Single National Curriculum including Cambridge curriculum for Grades 1 to O levels and K12.

CEO TFCL Kamran Azim told that TFCL is one of the market leaders in the provision of financial and non-financial support to middle and low cost private schools to ensure sustainability and overall improved educational outcomes. Taleem Finance aims to provide loans to private schools to establish multimedia classrooms in line with global educational trends.

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