PM takes notice of the delay in textbooks delivery by PCTB


PM Shehbaz Sharif has taken notice of the delay in the printing of school textbooks by the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB). Millions of students could not get their books this year and PCTB did not give any valid reason for this delay.

The Education Minister, Rana Tanveer Hussain, has been ordered to present to the government a detailed report on the delays in the printing and delivery of textbooks.

The Prime Minister ordered that the delivery of the textbooks should be started as soon as possible and the department should take action to not let such a situation happen again.

Shehbaz Sharif also ordered Rana Tanveer, the education minister, to identify the factors behind this delay and take strict action against the members involved in this.

More than three million students this year entered the vacation period without having textbooks in their hands. The teachers and parents are worried about how the students will do their homework and prepare for the coming academic years without books. They have been promoted to the next classes and will be entering the new academic year with no access to books.

All we could know about this delay was that the printing has been delayed due to management issues in the PTCB. The board has promised to deliver the books in August but the Prime Minister has ordered the earliest delivery. Let us see how effectively the decision is followed.

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