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Popular majors for undecided students


Not every student has a set career plan when going to college or a university. Although there are a lot of students who already know what major they want to pursue, on the other hand, there are several students who are not sure of what major to choose. Choosing a major to pursue might be a daunting task for many, it is a huge decision that has a great impact on one’s life. Students should always consider their interests while choosing their majors. Because once people identify where their interest lies, or what they love, choosing a major becomes much easier. Are you struggling to choose a major to pursue? Well, don’t worry because we are here to help you once again. This article is for all those students who are struggling to choose a major. In this article, we have listed some of the popular majors for undecided students. So, what are you waiting for? Keep on reading to explore all the details about the popular majors for undecided students.

1. Computer Science

Computer science is one of the popular majors for undecided students. Computer Science is a broad field with many career options. Computer science helps in designing software and developing different applications. It is also used to solve several problems. The world keeps on evolving, people are now heavily relied on applications to connect, social media, manage businesses online, shop as well as entertain themselves. Computer plays a vital role in our lives, especially in this digital era. A career in computer science is perfect for all those techs savvies who want to learn more about computers. The scope of computer science is immense, and it has a quite successful as well as rewarding career.

2. Economics

Economics is yet another popular major for undecided students. Economics is a broad major. It is a perfect degree for all those students interested in the financial sector. Economics is a widely known subject that offers numerous job opportunities with bright successful careers. Economics has a vast knowledge of various subjects which includes finance, business, public policy, etc. Choosing economics as your qualification is the best decision an individual can make as the scope of economics is relatively high these days and it will continue to rise in the future too. The subject mainly revolves around the behaviors as well as the relationships of economic agents and the functioning of markets.

3. Business Administration

Business administration is also one of the popular majors for undecided students. Business administration is one of the most common degrees, it is quite popular among the masses. The scope of business administration is quite vast. A degree in business administration prepares students for a career in the business environment and thoroughly emphasizes communication as well as leadership skills. The field of business Administration can help students land in various fields such as finance, sales, marketing, etc.

4. English

English is a perfect and one of the most popular majors for undecided students. A degree in English surely opens a gateway to tons of job opportunities. There is a huge demand for jobs both in the public and private sectors. Students with a strong portfolio and educational backgrounds are offered unique opportunities, such as scholarships from well-known universities all around the globe, which helps them succeed and have a secure future. English is a global and widely spoken language. It is increasingly essential in today’s modern world. The demand for English graduates has always been stable.

5. Psychology

Psychology also falls on the list of the most popular majors for undecided students. The scope of psychology is immense and growing rapidly. Many students are now pursuing psychology because it is quite an interesting subject and has a bright yet rewarding career. Psychology is an interdisciplinary discipline since it shares boundaries with numerous other fields, including social sciences or artificial intelligence. It is a diverse field that offers a deep understanding of human thoughts, behaviors, social pressures, as well as emotions to give insight related to their conditions and the reasons causing them. It is an exciting field.

6. Mass Communication

Mass communication also falls on the list of popular majors for undecided students. The job and career possibilities are endless for those with a degree in mass communications. It opens a gateway to numerous opportunities. Mass communication is a vast field. Mass communication is a process of sending, receiving, or creating messages to a larger audience through verbal or written media.

7. Sociology

Sociology is also one of the popular majors for undecided students. The scope of sociology is quite good. It is one of the best academic disciplines of the humanities. Sociology is a subject that mainly focuses on the operational structure of a society and its various social constructs from the notions of class, race, religion, crime, etc. Having a degree in sociology will surely land you a great job.

8. Biology

Biology is also one of the popular majors for undecided students. Biology is known to be a versatile degree. Biology offers exposure to a broad range of topics, and it is also considered as one of the fun majors in the field of science. This degree is ideal for all those students who are passionate and interested in mother nature. A degree in biology will expose you to organism life cycles, ecosystems, conversions, etc.

9. Political Science

Political science is also one of the popular majors for undecided students. Having a degree in political science can easily land you a great job in both, the public as well as the private sector. Students pursuing a degree in political science can easily specialize in different fields of study because political science is a broad diverse subject. Political science plays a vital role in our everyday life, be it our jobs, education, or lifestyle, all of this is heavily influenced by the political decisions of the policymakers. Political science is not limited to a specific organization or a country, it is the study that revolves around numerous societies and the world. It also includes the study of various political structures, behaviors, organizations, governments, and systems.

Well, these are the most popular majors for undecided students. An undecided student can easily choose from the majors mentioned above in the article. However, it is important to take your time to decide and choose a major that sparks your interests as well as provides personal satisfaction.

Which degree do you think is the best for undecided students? Let us know in the comment section!

Best of Luck!

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