President ASA-CUI ondemnes the May 9 incidents

President ASA-CUI ondemnes the May 9 incidents

May 9 incidents CUI

In his special message to all the teachers by Professor Dr Siraj Salam, the Central President of the Academic Staff Association (ASA) of COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI), has condemned the May 9 incidents and said that positive mindset of youth is crucial to deal with incidents like May 9. He said that the stability, peace and development of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan should be above all political affiliations.

He strongly condemned the tragic events of May 9 on behalf of all the students and faculty members of CUI. President ASA while meeting with the university Professors said that the role of Professors in the development and stability of the country is very important and Professors should contribute to this regard.

He approved various positive activities on behalf of ASA for the mental development and intellectual development of the students. The teachers were informed to work on training the students and nurture them with attitudes of patriotism, the dignity of national institutions, and the importance of peace and tolerance in society. We all should stand for integrity and nation-building.

Moreover, he called political recruitment and the appointment of political Vice Chancellors/Rectors in the country’s universities the basis of all problems and emphasized on the supremacy of full merit.

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