President UMT sponsors girls’ religious education in Chitral Valley


President University of Management and Technology (UMT) Lahore, Ibrahim Hasan Murad as part of his endeavours to foster quality religious education among girls, has granted funding to Jamia Iqamat-e-Deen Sangur, Chitral. The funding would be used to construct a block at the religious school dedicated to teaching and research of Hadith of the Blessed Prophet (SAW).

Located in the heart of Chitral, Jamia Iqamat-e-Deen is spreading over an area of one kanal and is home to as many as 210 girls who are currently getting an education over here. The school was set up back in 2014 and is better known for its degree and diploma courses in Quran and Hadith.

Maulana Hafeez-ud-Din Shahid, Director of Jamia Iqama Deen Chitral, in a special conversation with Academia Magazine, said that the whole management of the madrassa is highly grateful to President UMT, Ibrahim Murad and for his financial and moral support for the madrassa. He said that the core purpose of laying down the foundation of Jamia Iqamat Deen was to provide a better religious education environment to the female students of Chitral Valley, who because of broken roads and remote areas have been going through difficulties in accessing a centralized place. Maulana appealed to the people to show generosity and support for the religious institutions as it is a question of their survival.

Madrassa in Pakistan be they in urban or rural areas occupy a great deal of dignity and significance because they serve the extremely marginalized segments of Pakistani society who cannot afford expensive education in modern institutions. Islam as a complete code of life urges education as much for females as for males

The recent years have seen a growing trend of female enrolment in madrasah education, but unfortunately, this topic is completely ignored in our media discourse. Girls are sent to the madrasah not only because it is an available and affordable option but also because it increases their morale in an Islamic framework. Female students are expected to be able to maintain their beliefs and their roles within society in a decent way.

We need to support good religious schools such as this Chitral’s Jamia Iqamat-e-Deen and provide much-needed moral as well as financial support to them believing that education is the most important aspect of our lives and that it enables us to seek the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

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