Prime Minister announces 2.6 million scholarships for deserving students
Prime Minister announces 2.6 million scholarships for deserving students

Prime Minister announces 2.6 million scholarships for deserving students

Prime minister Imran Khan in his speech on Monday announced 2.6 million scholarships for the students. The total worth of the scholarships will be 28.3 billion rupees, he explained. 

Prime Minister gave a very important speech and made huge announcements that are now the topic of discussion for everyone. From major economic reliefs to foreign policy, tax exemptions for IT startups, paid internships for fresh graduates, and scholarships for undergraduates, he discussed everything. Talking about the scholarships he said, ‘2.6 million scholarships will be awarded by the federal government by spending 28 billion rupees.’ Adding to it he said that the scholarships will be given purely on the basis of merit and complaints will be redressed at the scholarship complaint portal. He talked about his Ehsaas Undergraduate Program explaining that the government has decided to increase the amount of Ehsaas scholarships from 12000 rupees to 14000 rupees. 

PM Khan has also launched an online portal for complaints about scholarships. He first talked about it in his recent visit to the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Islamabad and also discussed it in this speech on Monday. There are many people who complain that the scholarships are not awarded purely on the basis of merit. All such complaints will be addressed by a complaint portal which will ensure the timely resolution of the issues. He through his Twitter account said on February 18th, ‘Yesterday we have introduced a completely separate portal for the complaints about educational scholarships under the umbrella of Prime Minister Portal. It will ensure timely redressal of students’ complaints.’

He announced tax exemption for IT startups and freelancers. ‘Federal government waives off 100 percent tax on freelancers and IT sector companies,’ he said adding that a hundred percent tax exemption will be given on foreign exchange movement. He also said that people who intend to invest in Pakistan and install industries will not be asked any questions and a package will be announced for them. He further said that overseas who want to invest in the local businesses will be offered a tax exemption for five years. 

The scholarships and the internships announced by the PM are great steps towards encouraging and supporting the youth to get an education and play a part in the country’s development. Soon, the rest of the details will be provided and the process will start accordingly. 

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