Prime Minister promises that IT exports will reach $50bn in the next few years


Prime Minister Imran Khan in a speech on Monday said that the IT exports of Pakistan will reach around $50 billion in the next few years. He gave the credit to the effective strategies devised by the government for the growth of IT in the country.

He was addressing E-Commerce Convention held in Islamabad on Monday. He talked in detail about his work in information technology and gave hope that Pakistan will have a successful IT future. He motivated the youth to work hard in the field of technology by calling it purely a ‘youth-driven field,’ and said that they should take advantage of this technological revolution in Pakistan.

He started his speech with the remarks that have become facetious now, ‘ghabrana nhi hy’ to which the crowd cheered. Talking further on the topic he said, ‘the whole IT is youth-driven. Young people are leading the field of IT.’ Adding to it he explained that the world is getting digitalized very fast and that the youth should not miss any opportunities offered by this revolution.
He referred to his struggle in the development of Information Technology and called it a success. ‘With a minimum effort and a few incentives, we are seeing that our youth have taken advantage of the opportunities immediately,’ said Imran khan adding in a very enthusiastic manner, ‘We are going to give more incentives and eliminate all the hurdles in front of you.’

At the convention, he also gave this good news to the freelancers that they are exempted from any taxes. He said, ‘I am going to announce this good news that we have reduced the taxes for the registered freelancers to zero.’ He further explained that the purpose of inviting Bill Gates to Pakistan was to involve him in the field of Information Technology in Pakistan. ‘We are seeing that the IT exports are increasing. I invited Bill Gates to Pakistan because he is the person who has decided to serve humanity. He has also helped Pakistan unconditionally. I had this interest that we should involve him in the IT field of Pakistan. He might advise us in the field of IT,’ he said adding, ‘I will not announce it but will give you good news in the coming days.’

Addressing the youth, he said that Pakistani youth has excelled wherever they were provided with the opportunities. He called lack of opportunities the reason behind the lack of youth development. ‘Our system does not provide the majority of youth a chance to grow. It does not allow us to bring forward talent from all the areas of Pakistan.’ He told them that he will work to provide them with equal opportunities.

At the end of his speech, he explained that he has seen the potential in the youth of Pakistan and that he will introduce a system that brings the real talent forward from even the remote areas. He said that they are working for information technology in emergencies. ‘We will train our youth and upgrade them.’ The youth is excited and hopeful after listening to these words said by the Prime Minister of the country. Let’s see what practical implications these words have.

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