Private schools reject approval of foreigner published books under SNC


The All Pakistan Private Schools Federation (APPSF) has wide rejected the approval of books of foreign publishers under Single National Curriculum (SNC).

In a statement President Kashif Mirza has said that the agenda to declare Single National Curriculum as a minimum national standard to facilitate UK publishers is a discrimination and against the sprite of – SNC.

He said that the Federation welcomes PM’s decision and vision for the better future of the country’s children, but unfortunately SNC is neither single nor national. Prime Minister approved the Single National Curriculum in 2020, all the Publishers needed to align their Textbooks with SNC without any discrimination, he said adding that UK publishers put illegal pressure on the Textbook authorities to approve their already developed Textbooks.

Kashif went on to say that the provincial authorities in KP and Punjab surrendered to the pressure of the Federal Government and issued NOC to the textbooks of UK publishers, which were not aligned with the SNC and were developed many years early before than SNC development.

On the objection of APPSF, the Textbook authorities of KP cancelled the NOC of one of their textbook. The federal Ministry of Education is pressuring the provincial Governments not to align the textbook of UK publishers with SNC rather than treat SNC as a minimum standard. The federal Ministry of Education must stop this discrimination and unjustified act, otherwise it’s spoiling the image and vision of PM that it’s not a single nor national curriculum.

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