Who Damaged Isra Unversity’s reputation, Professors Explain the Story


As you are aware, Nazeer Laghari was suspended from the position of Vice-Chancellor, Isra University, Hyderabad on 26-11-2020 on charges of corruption and misuse of authority and Dr Ahmed Waliullah was appointed Acting Vice-Chancellor. While there are a number of cases pending in Sindh High Court (SHC) Karachi and Hyderabad, Nazeer Laghari has NOT been reinstated by the Honorable Courts. Thus, he remains suspended. Nazeer Laghari adopted criminal means and brought armed gunmen to the Hyderabad Campus and has illegally occupied it since November 2020.

In spite of the Sindh High Court orders (24-11-2020, 23-12-2021) that recognize Prof Dr Hameedullah Kazi as the Chancellor and RESTRAIN Nazeer Laghari from interfering in the affairs of Isra University, Nazeer Laghari continues to defy authority. Nazeer Laghari and his son Zaid illegally take cash from students’ fees and hospital earnings and use it for personal use and to bribe police and other officials.

Recently, Dr Nazeer Laghari and Mr Abdul Qadir Memon published and circulated a defamatory and scandalous notice in various newspapers and on social media, falsely claiming that they were the signatories of Isra University degrees and claiming that the degrees issued to the students of Karachi and Islamabad campuses by their campus administration were fake. This had greatly damaged the reputation of the administration and students of the Karachi and Islamabad Campuses.

In this regard, on 05-08-2022, Dr Hameedullah Kazi (Chancellor), Dr. Ahmed Waliullah Kazi (Acting Vice-Chancellor), Isra University (Dr Roshan Bhatti, Acting Registrar) & Mr Sultan Kazi (Controller of Examinations) filed Suit 1438/2022 in the Sindh High Court Karachi and challenged the defamatory notice issued and published by Dr. Nazeer Laghari and Mr. Abdul Qadir Memon over electronic, print and social media. The Sindh High Court Karachi took notice and RESTRAINED Nazeer Laghari and Abdul Qadir Memon from publishing and circulating such malicious, defamatory and scandalous notice.

Furthermore, on 12-08-2022, the plaintiffs, Dr. Hameedullah Kazi (Chancellor), Dr. Ahmed Waliullah Kazi (Acting Vice Chancellor), Isra University (Dr. Roshan Bhatti, Acting Registrar) & Mr. Sultan Kazi (Controller of Examinations) filed Suit 1491/2022 in the Sindh High Court Karachi and obtained further relief and protection with regard to awarding degrees to their students. The Sindh High Court has RESTRAINED Nazeer Laghari, Abdul Qadir Memon, Zaid Laghari, Police and Higher Education Commission (HEC) from interfering in the degrees awarding process by Dr Kazi, Dr Roshan Bhatti and Mr Sultan Kazi. The Court orders also RESTRAIN the defendants from initiating any action or lodging any complaint against the plaintiffs with regard to the issuance of degrees.

Thus, the students and parents of Karachi and Islamabad Campuses can REST ASSURED that the degrees being awarded to them by their campus administration under the signatures of Dr Ahmed Waliullah (Vice-Chancellor), Dr Roshan Bhatti (Acting Registrar) and Mr Sultan Kazi (Controller of Examinations) are GENUINE and AUTHENTIC.

In spite of the court orders, Dr Nazeer Laghari and his son, Zaid Laghari in connivance with the high-ranking police officials of Hyderabad Range weaved a heinous plan to register a bogus FIR with malafide intentions at 04:30 pm on 06-08-2022. The same day at 07:30 pm, the police raided and violated the sanctity of the houses of the Chancellor, Dr Hameedullah Kazi, Vice Chancellor Dr Ahmed Waliullah and Registrar, Dr Roshan Bhatti. The police forced their way in without being accompanied by lady police, harassed the ladies of the family and harassed the elderly in poor health. The police abducted Dr Hameedullah Kazi, grabbed the CCTV camera recorder DVR and forcefully confiscated the mobile phones without any warrant or explanation. Dr Hameedullah Kazi (Chancellor) was kept in the lock up overnight under mental torture, before he was granted bail by the Magistrate the next day. The police officials in connivance with Nazeer Laghari and his son Zaid Laghari took pictures of Dr Hameedullah Kazi (Chancellor, Isra University) in handcuffs and circulated it widely over social media. Shame on Hyderabad police!

We APPEAL to CM Sindh and higher authorities to take notice of the illegal and brutal actions of the Hyderabad police for humiliating and tarnishing the image of a Teacher, a PhD Professor and Chancellor, and for causing irreparable damage to the sanctity of Isra University and greatly harming the reputation of this institution of higher education and learning. Such lawless heavy-handedness, humiliation and mental torture met out to an Academician, simply because he refuses to bow down to the whims of the feudal and corrupt mindset of the culprits leads to the moral destruction of society.

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