Pros and cons of holiday homework

Pros and cons of holiday homework

Pros and cons of holiday homework

Homework is that word that sends a shudder down the spine of most of the students. While some people think that homework is an effective way of revising what you learn at school but many think that homework plays no vital role in the lives of students. Is homework necessary or does it add more stress and pressure on students? Is homework important? Here are some pros and cons of holiday homework so you can decide better.

Pros of holiday homework:

1. Allows for a comfortable place to study

There is no doubt about the fact that with time, the classrooms have evolved to be more welcoming toward students but there is nothing more comfortable and safer than home. Students will be more comfortable studying more effectively at home, and the best way to do that is by revising everything that you have learned at school by doing it in the form of homework. Students may feel more focused and attentive at home rather than in class, in this way they can learn and study better.

2. Time management skills

Time management is an important skill that helps one for a lifetime. Homework will help students in developing time management skills and how to stay on track. Students will learn to plan a schedule and ensure that all tasks can be completed during the day. This will encourage research skills as well as develop problem-solving skills and independent thinking which will be beneficial in the real world.

3. Parents more involved in a child’s life

By bringing homework, students can engage their learning process with their parents. Parents can be involved in the studies of their kids and know what the kids are doing or how well they are performing in their studies. Parents would also know where their child lacks or what improvement is needed. Many parents also want their kids to bring homework, so they know what they are being taught at school. Moreover, parents get to spend more time with their children, especially in their study time, so they also know where the child stands in terms of studying.

4. Encourages the discipline of practice

Repeating the same lessons might be boring and frustrating for students but this will only encourage the discipline of practice among them and make them better. To get better at one subject or even skills, repetition is the key. It is necessary. If the students are having trouble solving a math problem in class but bring homework and do it again, chances are high that they will get better at it. The concepts become much easier to understand.

Cons of holiday homework:

1. Causes unnecessary stress

Students are often given lots of assignments and homework so it gets hard to cope with the pressure. The word homework or assignments can instill a sense of dread in students. When the workload and deadlines are at large, homework can cause students to feel stressed and anxious all the time. This can also lead to them not being motivated enough and can take a toll on their studies and grades.

2. Not always effective

Many surveys and studies have shown that homework has zero effects. Homework can only create a negative attitude towards schooling and discourages students from even making efforts and making them anxious all the time. Homework doesn’t help in achieving good results. It might be helpful to certain students struggling with a few subjects but overall, there is no evidence that shows any improvements in students’ academic results with the help of homework.

3. Not every home has a beneficial environment

While there are many homes and parents that want to play an active role in the studies of their kids but on the other hand, some students might not have the same experience. Some students might face difficulties at home as there may be no welcoming, beneficial environment for the kids so it may get a bit hard for these students to go home and do homework. Some parents may just push the responsibility of teaching off on the teacher and provide no support to their kids.

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