Pros and Cons of homework

Pros and Cons of homework

pros and cons of homework

In this article, we have listed the pros and cons of homework. Decide it yourself whether giving homework to students is important or not.

Is homework important? Is it necessary?

Homework is the word that most students dread hearing. Some people think that homework is an effective way of relearning the concepts being taught in school, while others believe that time being spent on homework would rather be invested elsewhere.

Pros of Homework:

Homework teaches time management

Homework is more than just completing the assigned tasks. In fact, it helps the students in developing time management skills as they can plan their schedule and complete the homework assignments on the given time. By learning time management skills, it helps the children in problem-solving skills and independent thinking.

Homework gets parents involved

By giving homework to students, it not only helps them in learning what is being taught to them at school but also involves parents as they get aware where their kids are lacking in studies. Parents get to know how their children are performing in the academics. A parent helping their child in homework makes them take part in their academic success and it can give them a chance to connect.

Homework allows for more learning time

School hours may not be enough to learn concepts thoroughly which can affect the studies of the children. Homework would help them in learning and revising the syllabus being taught at school.

Homework reduces screen time

Many students spend most of their time on their technology gadgets or watching tv. Although students hate doing homework, but it helps in reducing the screen time as it encourages better study habits. Homework can also be seen as an extracurricular activity that can be done at home to encourage learning and practicing.

Cons of homework:

Causes unnecessary stress

Just by hearing the work homework sends shivers down the spines of students. There might be extra workload, assessments and presentations lined up at school. So, homework may cause students to feel stressed, unmotivated and anxious. This can cause problems in their academic life having an affect on their studies and cause sleep deprivation.

There is no evidence that homework creates improvement

Many surveys have showed that there is no such evidence that homework has created improvements. It may help some students who struggle with certain subjects that too only if they have a knowledgeable parent or tutor who helps them with their homework. Otherwise, homework has only created a negative attitude toward school and education system in general.

It may encourage cheating on multiple levels

Some students may decide to cheat off homework from other class fellows instead of taking the work home and practicing it themselves. Or the students might use internet resources for an easy way out to find the answers rather than studying up and working on their own. In this way, they won’t be learning anything productive.

It discourages creative endeavours

If a student spends 2 hours on their homework each day, that’s like spending those 2 hours not pursuing what is important to them. It takes away their leisure time. Kids might want to play video games, watch tv, do some artwork, paint, read, and much more but homework takes away their free time to do these things. However, some homework might help them do something creative but usually that’s not the case.

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