The department of psychology University of Karachi (KU) organized a one-day seminar on “personal branding: strengthen your professional visibility” at the Karachi University Business Incubation Center.

Tonia Vincent, a top 50 African influencer and Brand Manager (Micro vesting), joined the session online. She informed the audience that personal branding is essential for career and personal development.

Narrating her own story, she mentioned that she had no experience or skills but she still managed to build a huge following and become one of the top 50 African influencers, just because she used the art of personal branding in the right way.

While talking about the five M’s of personal branding, she insists that everyone should have a clear mindset, message, method, marketing, and monetization. She added that the blend of these five elements can do wonders in building a brand.

According to her, reliability and discipline are extremely significant in career development, and mentioned that motivation will get you started while discipline will take you to the height of success.

Meanwhile, the head of Human Resources from Itecknologi Group of Companies Humna Altamash Yousuf explained the personal branding trends, and how they should be kept in mind while building your profile. She suggested that with the help of the five A’s which include authenticity, authority, aspiration, affinity, and artisanal, and the five C’s which are competence, connection, courage, character, and credibility can lead in professional fields.

The marketing manager of Bench Matrix Ayesha Aziz shared that branding is what people say about you when you are not around. She said that a person is supposed to market him/her self and with so much social media following it is easy to mark the trendsetter.

Meanwhile, the chairperson of department of criminology Professor Dr Farah Iqbal mentioned that personal branding is a key requirement in today’s world, and those who want to showcase their skills have to stand out among the rest.

“Personal branding is basically a way to present oneself in a way that makes them look like the best fit for a certain position or job.”

The chairperson department of psychology Professor Dr Anila Amber Malik talked about the basics of personal branding and said that a person has to explore themselves and highlighted that the importance of purpose, core values, strengths, and tangible brand elements are key elements in personal branding.

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