PTI–KP chapter to teach ethics to its workers

PTI–KP chapter to teach ethics to its workers

PTI--KP chapter to teach ethics to its workers

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has decided to start teaching ethics to party workers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa under the PTI Education Training Department, for which a central office has been inaugurated in Peshawar.

The aim the program is to teach party workers ethics under which party workers will attract people with good manners and training. On the other hand, it has been announced to start regular training for workers across the province at a cost of crores of rupees.

Giving details to media at Peshawar Press Club, Central Deputy General Secretary Education Training Department Ejaz Butt, Central Adviser Muhammad Ashfaq Paracha, Secretary Peshawar Region Arif Yousuf, Secretary Peshawar District Zahid Nadeem and Provincial Coordinator Ismat Arai Kakakhel said that party workers Teaching is an important need of the hour so that party workers can better present their position in the provision of services as ethics is essential for better performance and governance in the present times, he said.

High expectations are attached to the workers so they should politely present their position to the people so that the party workers can meet the expectations of the people. He said that the Education Training Department could be instrumental in enhancing the efficiency of the government.

He said that in order to further enhance the strength of PTI in the country, the youth can play a role in the realm of ethics and be educated. He said that it was necessary to transform the training of workers in the context of modern management requirements.

He said that the party was focused on changing the mindset of the workers and providing them with ethical training to achieve the sustainable development goals. He said that training sessions would be held to create awareness among the party workers in which they would be informed that meetings and processions are not the only solution to the problems but also reconciliation can solve the problems.

Central Adviser Muhammad Ashfaq Paracha said on this occasion that unfortunately in our country even the members of the Provincial National Assembly have not been given any training till date through the Education Training Department. They will also be trained. On the other hand, the citizens, referring to the Education Training Department started by PTI, say that our political activists, regardless of their party affiliation, justify the mistake of their party and leader.

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