PU Conference Calls for Modernized Legal System in Pakistan


Renowned legal luminaries have emphasized the urgency of reforms within Pakistan’s judicial system to ensure affordable and expeditious justice for the common citizen. This call to action was echoed during a significant roundtable conference titled ‘The Role of Mediation in Enhancing Access to Justice in Pakistan,’ jointly organized by Punjab University (PU) Law College and the Institute for Legal Research and Advocacy (ILRA).

Distinguished figures including Principal of PU Law College, Prof Dr. Shazia Qureshi, Vice Chairman of Punjab Bar Council, Kamran Bashir Mughal, Chairman Board of Directors of the Institute for Legal Research and Advocacy, Syed Shahbaz Bukhari, Chairman Board of Advisors of the same institute, Zafar Iqbal Kalanauri, Associate Professor Dr. Naeemullah Khan, along with students, graced the occasion.

During the conference, Zafar Iqbal Kalanauri, an eminent legal expert, underscored the reliance of Pakistan’s judicial system on paper evidence and highlighted the presence of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms prevalent globally. He lamented the varying interpretations of laws by provincial courts within Pakistan, leading to prolonged disputes, particularly concerning matters such as marriage, dowry, finances, and land. Kalanauri advocated for the integration of mediation systems to address these issues effectively, warning that without systemic reforms, it could take up to 320 years to resolve the current backlog of cases in Pakistani courts.

Kamran Bashir Mughal emphasized the imperative for collaboration between bar councils and educational institutions, stressing the need for effective enforcement of existing laws. He acknowledged the role of bar councils in law implementation and proposed necessary amendments to existing legislation.

Syed Shahbaz Bukhari raised concerns over rising divorce rates due to inadequate practice of family laws in Pakistan. He also highlighted the untapped potential for legal advisors in the corporate sector, suggesting that stricter adherence to legal regulations could boost employment opportunities for lawyers. Bukhari advocated for the overhaul of the arbitration system to expedite case resolutions and mitigate the burden on courts.

Expressing gratitude to Punjab University Law College for hosting the conference, Prof Dr. Shazia Qureshi applauded the convergence of academic and legal experts, emphasizing the educational value such events provide for both scholars and students. Dr. Naeemullah Khan echoed sentiments of reform, citing historical precedents and emphasizing the economic repercussions of unresolved commercial and domestic disputes.

The conference concluded with a collective call for comprehensive reforms within Pakistan’s judicial apparatus, underscoring the vital role of academia, legal practitioners, and policymakers in ensuring equitable access to justice for all citizens.

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