PU holds seminar on Mapping Archaeological Heritage of South Asia

PU holds seminar on Mapping Archaeological Heritage of South Asia

LAHORE: Punjab University (PU) Department of Archaeology in collaboration with Remote Sensing, GIS and Climatic Research Lab (RSGCRL), National Center of GIS and Space Applications, NCGSA, Punjab University (PU) organized an international seminar to highlight the significance of mapping the archaeological heritage of Pakistan through modern scientific methods including GIS and Satellite Remote Sensing. Dr. Cameron A. Petrie, a renowned archaeologist from the Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge, shared his current research and explained the digital mapping of all the archaeological and heritage sites covering a period of about 5000 years. The mapping is based upon the primary information extracted from the topographic sheets, historical, hydrological, environmental, forestry, and climate data.
The applications of all the geosciences in the field of archaeological investigations will not only enable us to identify, discover, rediscover, and preserve the sites but also provide us with unique data to reconstruct and understand the climatic, environmental, and geographical patterns that prevailed in the past. How, why, and where were the settlements made? What was the impact of the surroundings? What was the site’s mode of development, expansion, and destruction? How did ancient societies react to the changing climatic conditions? How the water sources were utilized, and what were their drastic impacts?
The mapping project will also help us know about the causes responsible for the destruction of sites and the role of urbanization, agriculture, and natural calamities. The data would be helpful in making future policies through which we can save the archaeological heritage and our current habitation from natural disasters. Dr. Zia Ul Haq, Director/Principal Investigator RSGCRL, and Dr. Muhammad Hameed, Chairman, Department of Archaeology, Punjab University, thanked the guest speakers and distinguished guests for attending the seminar. Professor Dr. Amra Raza, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Punjab, also thanked the international guests from Cambridge University for the special talk.
After the Seminar, Vice Chancellor Prof Niaz Ahmad met the guests at his office. He encouraged the faculty of both departments to organize more such events in the future to strengthen interdepartmental connections and integration of resources to gain bigger and quicker results.

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