PU Honors Poet Amjad Islam Amjad


The University of Punjab on Wednesday held a ceremony in honor of renowned poet, thinker and writer Amjad Islam Amjad, who was recently awarded the “Najeeb Fazil Award” by the Turkish government.

PU Vice Chancellor Prof Niaz Ahmad, Amjad Islam Amjad, Pro VC Prof Dr Muhammad Saleem Mazhar, Dr Mubbsher Munawar Khan, Dr Iqbal Chawla, Dr Zahid Munir Amir, Dr Muhammad Kamran, Dr Ahmed Bilal, Dr Zia ul Hassan, Dr Umbreen Salah Uddin, heads of various departments, faculty members and a large number of students participated in the event.

Addressing the ceremony, PU VC Prof Niaz Ahmad said Amjad Islam Amjad had rendered outstanding and exceptional services to institutions where he had served. He said that Amjad had brought Pakistan to limelight through his literary creations.

Professor Niaz said, “We were proud of Amjad who was alumni of Punjab University”. He also thanked Turkish government for acknowledging the services of Amjad. Prof Dr Saleem Mazhar said it was unfortunate that we mostly did not acknowledge our heroes and ignored them.

However, he said, Amjad was the second poet after Faiz Ahmad Faiz who had been officially acknowledged by a foreign country. Dr Ahmad Bilal said that Amjad was the best teacher and he taught in an excellent way so that literary creations could reach perfection.

Dr Zahid Munir Amir said dramas like Waris written by Amjad left charismatic effects on the audience and people used to ensure their presence at home or before a TV set by avoiding all their activities.

Dr Muhammad Kamran said that Amjad was the most versatile writer of our age who had also covered international topics in his poetry. Dr Zia ul Hasan said that Amjad had introduced Pakistan and Urdu to the world through his writings.

He said if one wanted to know what had happened in Pakistan in the last fifty years, one should read his writings. Dr Umbreen Sallahuddin said young people idealized Amjad and he had always encouraged young poets. Addressing the ceremony, Amjad Islam Amjad thanked the speakers and audience for their love. He said that he began his journey from Punjab University and advised the students not to underestimate life and opportunities. He said successful people got success due to their continuous efforts.

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