PU Hosts Workshop on In-Silico Genome-Wide Analyses

PU Hosts Workshop on In-Silico Genome-Wide Analyses

PU Hosts Workshop on In-Silico Genome-Wide Analyses

The Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics at Punjab University (PU) successfully organized a two-day workshop on ‘In-Silico Genome-Wide Analyses’. The event saw participation from students across various disciplines, including Agriculture, Botany, Veterinary Sciences, Biochemistry, and Microbiology, from different universities.

Prominent figures in the academic community attended the workshop, including PU Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Prof Dr Muhammad Saleem Haider, Dr Muhammad Shafiq from the Department of Horticulture, Chairman of the Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics Prof Dr Muhammad Arshad Javed, and Chairperson of SPBG Dr Javaria Tabassum.

In his keynote address, Dr Khalid Mahmood emphasized the critical role of workshops, seminars, and hands-on training in enhancing student learning. He encouraged other departments within PU to form societies at various levels and organize similar valuable workshops and international collaborations. “Such initiatives are vital to elevating our education system to international standards,” he remarked.

The guest speakers, Adnan Sami and Zeeshan Haider, provided insightful lectures on generating, analyzing, and interpreting genomics data, and discussed ways to make this data globally accessible. The workshop aimed to equip graduate students with the skills to retrieve biological data from online databases and analyze it using various bioinformatics tools. Over the two days, participants learned to operate different tools and software utilizing available databases.

The event concluded with a ceremony where Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood and Prof Dr Muhammad Saleem Haider distributed certificates and shields to the speakers and organizers, acknowledging their contributions to the success of the workshop. This workshop represents PU’s commitment to providing practical training and fostering academic excellence through international collaborations and advanced research methodologies.

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