PU IAP organizes 3rd Graduation Ceremony

PU IAP organizes 3rd Graduation Ceremony

IAP organizes 3rd Graduation Ceremony

The Punjab University (PU) Institute of Applied Psychology (IAP) celebrated its 3rd graduation ceremony, marking a significant milestone for 150 students from the batch of 2022. Degrees and medals were awarded to successful graduates from the BS, MSc, MPhil, MS, and PhD programs. The event saw a gathering of esteemed guests, including Registrar Dr. Ahmad Islam, Director IAP Prof. Dr. Rafia Rafiq, and Former Vice Chancellors Prof. Dr. Rukhsana Kausar and Prof. Dr. Najma Najam, alongside faculty members and a large number of students.

In his address, Dr. Ahmad Islam extended heartfelt congratulations to the graduates, acknowledging their hard work and the dedicated efforts of their teachers. “Your teachers have done their best for you, and you are now reaping the rewards of their guidance and your perseverance,” he stated. Dr. Islam expressed optimism about the future contributions of the graduates, emphasizing their potential to enhance the reputation of both the institute and Punjab University through their professional excellence.

Prof. Dr. Rafia Rafiq, while congratulating the students, highlighted the dynamic nature of the field of applied psychology. “You are poised to make significant contributions,” she remarked. Prof. Rafiq encouraged the graduates to apply their skills towards societal welfare, whether through further studies, research, or various professional endeavors. She reminded them to uphold the core values imparted during their education at IAP.

The ceremony concluded with the distribution of degrees and medals, celebrating the academic achievements and dedication of the graduates. The event not only honored the success of the students but also underscored the commitment of the Institute of Applied Psychology to fostering academic excellence and professional growth.

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